How I Found Mapping

How I Found Mapping

I’ve been asked how I found the mapping, and the truth is, they found me, and evolved in the most beautiful unfolding way. I wasn’t seeking them, never envisioned them and definitely didn’t have a plan for what they’d now become. ⠀⠀

Creating each map is a very intuitive process and I have no idea where it’s going to go, and what the end result will be. I’m mapping the details of one choice and its ripple effect.⠀I created my first map to capture the noise in my head of all that had come into my life about a particular choice I’d made. I created my second map to document many of the key people in my life and how I knew them. I wanted to express gratitude to the people who’d brought others into my life. Or more honestly, I wanted to see that there was a purpose for a past love, by noticing all that he’d brought into my life.

Why should you take action on your inklings?

My book, The Book of Choice, shares the message that you must take action on your inklings and inner knowings. And from those actions you have the opportunity to watch how your life unfolds because of one choice. People and opportunities will show up and present themselves that wouldn’t have if you hadn’t made the choice. This is a powerful realization, one that I dream of sharing with the next generation, letting them know the possibility of all they can be and do. I envision myself speaking to groups of our kids about this in the future.

After showing my first map to a friend, she wanted one. I said yes and jumped in even though I had no idea what that experience would look like. Moreover, I had no plan or method, but I trusted. I asked her to come to our call with the answer to one question – what choice in her life would she like to explore?

From there, our conversation meandered. Why did she make that choice? Why was it a pivotal decision? Moreover, what fears did she have to let go of? How was she now showing up?

From our map 5 years ago, I’ve gone onto create more than 100 maps for others and 150 for myself.