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Listen to some of my favorite conversations with introspective, interesting people as we dig deeper into the topic of our choices and what they mean to us.

I met Robert MacPhee, author, entrepreneur, and leadership expert, years ago during an event and we became fast friends. In this first interview, I interview Robert about The Prosperity Game, a concept I found fascinating. Money is a loaded topic, but Robert shares how this game is a powerful, beautiful format for people to not only converse about money but expand their money consciousness.

Robert created the Excellent Decisions leadership program, when he learned about my work and book, The Book of Choice. We decided it was time for another conversation. This time, Robert interviewed me and we did a deep dive into what intrigues us about our choices. We spoke about how to free ourselves from the negative stories that we create about ourselves because of the “bad” choices we’ve made, how to bring greater intentionality to our future choices, and much more.

Jennifer Urezzio is a phenomenal coach and I’ve been blessed by her friendship for many years. I was a guest on her SuperPowers of the Soul podcast recently and we spoke about the importance of grounding your choices with your internal (not external) purpose. We went deeper into analyzing the before and after of our choices, how to benefit from past choices we now regret, and the five questions to ask when making a conscious choice for the future. 

In this video interview,  you’ll see the impact Jennifer had on my life (she was the one who helped me to embrace that I was, in fact, a teacher!). You’ll also learn about my journey and how I discovered my passion for mapping choices as a way to distill the wisdom revealed to us over time.

Jen then interviewed me a second time to discuss the development of self related to choice. Listen in here.


Mark Friedman and I worked together over 30 years ago and recently had the opportunity to reconnect. If you’re curious about my backstory this is the conversation for you! During his Marketing Playbook podcast, we went way, way back to my past as a teenager, my first job, and my career in the fashion industry and how that all paved the way for my work today as a consultant and coach. I share how my gift was revealed to me over time and what I plan to do with it…

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