The Exploration Experience

By Understanding the Life You've Had, You Can More Thoughtfully Move Toward the Life You Want

We’ve all made choices and wonder if we could have chosen better.

This feeling can cause us to resist making big choices moving forward.

The Exploration Experience is an in-depth, introspective exploration into a pivotal choice you’ve made in the past.

Looking back and exploring what emerged from a choice you made gives you permission to take 100% ownership of that choice and any subsequent actions.

You have a choice in how you reflect upon the past

You can look back from a place of judgment, assessing what you did wrong and beating yourself up for all you wish you’d done differently, or you can mine your past for key choices, made in a moment of strength, that set the tone and inform who you are today..

This exploration has the potential to arm you with insights about who you were and why you did what you did so you can apply that information and proceed with intentionality into the future.

There’s much to gain by approaching choice from a place of deep exploration and inquiry—seeking to understand what there is to learn about yourself

As we embark upon this inquiry process and look at how a particular choice played out over time, you may notice gems of wisdom that were previously hidden, and see their full ramifications.

You’ll want to participate in this experience if you’re ready to reflect upon a past choice to examine the treasure hidden in reflections of your past to use for your future.

This exploration of a choice is not just about giving you amazing clarity on your past…
it’s about unlocking your potential to move forward in your journey…

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

When you own your choice, you can embrace it—whether it was the best decision of your life or a painful misstep that taught you valuable lessons.

By taking ownership of your choices you give yourself a renewed sense of consciousness…
You are capable of making choices that propel you in the direction YOU want to go.

You make choices every single day, some big, some small, and some deeply meaningfulchoices that have had a tremendous impact on who you are, what you value, where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Some of these choices instantly stand out in your mindwho you married (or didn’t), what you studied in college, what job you took, where you moved, etc.

Imagine taking the time to acknowledge what your choices teach you about yourself.

  • What motivated you to make that choice?
  • Why did you choose that option when everyone was pushing you in a different direction?
  • Did you listen to your intuition or ignore it?

Let me share how we’ll explore your choice and create your map…

  • During our first session together, we’ll spend our first 90-minute virtual session in a deep-dive conversation exploring a conscious choice you made that you want to delve deeper into to assess how that choice has played out in your life. I’ll use guiding questions to dissect you choice so you can better understand who you were and how you got to this place in your life.

  • I’ll then take the information I’ve gathered during the session to create your Exploration Map – a visual map that captures your choice and all that emanated from it. This map takes all the complexities of your choice and distills them into something much simpler.
Strength Map

Example of an Exploration Map

Here are examples of what you’ll discover in your Exploration Map…

  • Hidden patterns – helping you drill down to what really motivates you.
  • Unexpected outcomes – freeing you to forgive, appreciate and accept – both yourself and others.
  • Unconscious narratives – giving you clarity to reframe your story in a more positive light.
  • Evolving relationships – allowing you to recognize and honor their influence in your life.
  • Long-lasting repercussions – helping you embrace your power and see yourself as the creator of your own destiny.
  • Life lessons – recognizing them frees you to shed your guilt and appreciate how you’ve grown.
  • Unforeseen connections – opening up your mind to even greater future possibilities.
  • During our 1-hour follow-up session together we’ll discuss the patterns, outcomes, narratives and lessons that were revealed in your map.

    Together we’ll explore the answers to questions like…

  • How can you use this insight about past choices to make better choices in the future?
  • How can you honor and grow from the relationships that have gotten you to where you are today?
  • How can you leverage the brilliance revealed in your map to live more consciously in the future?
  • How can you rewrite your past to open up your mind and heart to a more prosperous outcome?

When you can look back and see where you’ve come from,
then you can look forward to where the possibilities lead next.

While it’s challenging to describe what your personal map will deliver since every person has a unique response, I trust when you read the experiences of others who received maps below you’ll get a better sense of what it’s like to see and experience your very own Exploration Map…

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I’d be happy to speak with you before embarking on your exploration.