Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Diving Deep into the World of Choices

January has been an absolute whirlwind of discovery, connection and interesting conversations, feeling much like a thrilling expedition of thought and interaction. If we were catching up at my favorite coffee ship and you asked, “So, what have you been up to?” here’s what I’d share about this incredible journey.

Empowering Health Choices

The month kicked off with a meaningful discussion among healthcare practitioners, centered on the crucial role they play in empowering their clients to actively engage in their health decisions. This conversation shed light on the practitioners’ responsibility not just to provide care but to instill a sense of agency in their patients. It was enlightening to see the realization dawn upon them that their support, while vital, is only half the equation. Patients must choose to show up for themselves, adhere to the advice given, and commit to the practices recommended for their health. This understanding underscored the importance of a partnership between practitioners and patients, where empowering individuals to make informed health choices is key to effective care.

Conversations Across Generations

The dialogue with a group of elderly individuals offered insights into their pivotal life choices. Particularly striking was to learn that many, especially women from earlier generations, did not perceive their actions as choices. Instead, societal norms and expectations, like prioritizing marriage over education, often predetermined their decisions. This discussion vividly highlighted how perceptions of choice can shift significantly with age and as society evolves.

Community Engagements and The Book of Choice

I led Choice Clarity, a 4-week workshop series in partnership with three local libraries, designed to empower participants to navigate life’s choices with intention and insight. Using principles from The Book of Choice, we explored making intentional decisions through Choice Mapping, a process that helps visually organize thoughts and feelings about impending choices, focusing on significant personal, professional, and relationship decisions. The series culminated in a session on healing, enabling participants to view past decisions with compassion and future choices with clarity and wisdom.

Women’s Workshop: The Journey to Possibility

In an all-day workshop with a select group of women, we dove into the power of making a pivotal choice, focusing on how one significant decision for 2024 can create momentum in personal and professional realms. We unraveled the potential of such choices, culminating in clear action plans to turn each woman’s vision into reality. The workshop aimed to empower participants with clarity and confidence, providing a roadmap for future steps. After receiving positive feedback, I’ll be leading this workshop again in April. Click here to join in.

Intention and Tradition: Mothers, Daughters, and Mala Beads

A tender gathering with mothers and daughters explored how choices can serve as powerful intentions, with the ancient practice of mala beads reinforcing these intentions. It was a beautiful fusion of tradition and personal growth.

Canyon Ranch: A Deep Dive into Choices

Over three days, at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, we discussed the essence of choice, from uncovering our true desires and overcoming obstacles to recognizing the power each decision holds. Participants engaged deeply, exploring how to align their decisions with their authentic selves, navigate through fears and limiting beliefs, and understand the ripple effect of their choices on their lives. This immersive experience not only provided insights into making more informed choices but also highlighted the potential for growth inherent in every decision.

Adapting and Engaging

Navigating through these varied events challenged me to adapt and engage in new ways, balancing between prepared content and the dynamic flow of spontaneous interaction. The dance between planning and spontaneity was exhilarating, though not without its moments of silence that tested my resilience and flexibility.

Corporate Workshops and Expanding My Facilitation Skills

Conversations at Canyon Ranch sparked the exciting possibility of bringing these deep dialogues into corporate leadership settings, laying the groundwork for impactful workshops designed to foster meaningful engagement in the corporate arena. In anticipation of crafting these specialized experiences, I’m also committed to enhancing my facilitation capabilities. I’m set to embark on a professional development program aimed at refining my skills in creating environments that nurture curiosity, learning, and meaningful connections, ensuring I bring the utmost value to these future corporate workshops.

Looking Ahead

January reminded me of the incredible power and potential that lies within our choices, from personal health to corporate strategies. Sharing these journeys with you is not just a privilege but a journey of mutual growth and discovery in understanding the vast landscape of choices that shape our lives.

Here’s to a February filled with bold choices and new connections.

P.S. Stay tuned for more stories, insights, and reflections as we navigate the world of choices. Your thoughts and experiences are always welcome, so reach out and share your journey with me.