Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Four Months In: A Journey of Boundless Opportunities

The Two Phases of My Life

There are now two phases in my life: Before Book and After Book. Reflecting on the four months After Book, Im filled with gratitude for the opportunities and connections that The Book of Choice has brought into my life. As many ask about the book’s progress, I’m thrilled to share how its message acts as a catalyst, igniting broader conversations about choice.

This isn’t just a story about a book; it’s a testament to what can unfold when you passionately pursue an idea. It’s about doors that open and the domino effect of possibilities that arise. I know this post is detailed (and long), but I hope you’ll take the time to read it. Don’t just see this as a list of achievements, but as an inspiration. Every action, every choice, can lead to transformative experiences you never anticipated.

Embracing Opportunities and The Unfolding Map

While I’m proactively creating opportunities, many are finding me too. I’m embracing everything that comes my way, welcoming the unknown with a resounding “yes.” I capture every possibility in my expanding Unfolding Map at the bottom of this post, a vibrant record of my connecting journey.

Reinvention: From Choice as a Word to a Life Principle

A decade ago, “choice” was not a prominent word in my vocabulary. But now, navigating my life’s third act, I find myself in a profound reinvention phase. The conversation I’m involved in, and the work I do, are deeply gratifying, purpose-driven, and perfectly align with my zone of genius.

Passion Fueled by Conversations on Choices

At the core, my passion lies in speaking with people of all ages and stages about the details of their choices. From intimate coaching sessions to expansive stage talks, from young minds to seasoned souls, this is where my passion thrives.

Here’s a snapshot of the what’s unfolded so far:

  • Speaking engagements for all ages: I crafted a keynote address for an event attended by 300 women who work for the CT Department of Corrections. Following my presentation, a legislator approached me to mentor a group of young incarcerated men, aiming to nurture their personal growth, self-awareness and decision-making skills.
  • Emerging Adult Group Coaching: After my 24-year-old son, Beck, graduated from college, I found myself immersed in profound conversations with him and his close friends. Every other month, we delve into topics surrounding their personal, professional and relationship choices, providing them a space to explore dialogues previously unfamiliar to them. When the idea emerged to extend these discussions to their friends, I enthusiastically said yes. The simple inquiry, “What challenging choice are you grappling with?” has proven to unlock rich and interesting conversations.
  • Library Workshops: After my talk at a local bookstore, three nearby libraries joined forces to invite me to lead a 4-week workshop where I will go deeper into the content of my book. This workshop, Choice Clarity, is now available to libraries throughout Connecticut.
  • In-Person Retreats: In January, I’m set to lead a three-session retreat at Canyon Ranch, where participants will explore the possibilities that arise from making an intentional choice. I plan to adapt and introduce this content to other retreat centers.
  • Choice Mapping 101: I’m taking Choice Mapping to a deeper level with the pilot program, Choice Confident. where participants explore the process of mapping out their choices. Drawing from the insights and feedback of 20 engaged participants, I’m gearing up to introduce an enhanced 2.0 version for a wider audience.
  • High-level coaching: Next week, I’ll be in Paris, collaborating closely with a group of women presidents from the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). This is truly exhilarating. What began as a potential 2-hour virtual workshop has transformed into an enriching full-day, in-person engagement with my dream clients. Together, we’ll delve into the nuances of their choices in a shared experience. As referrals have presented themselves, it affirms that the intimate conversations of choice have no boundaries.
  • The Choice School: Integrating the conversation of choice throughout every educational tier is a thrilling endeavor. While I’m in the initial stages of collaborating with universities, I’m also drafting curriculum ideas and consulting with educational professionals. The potential of making an impact at all educational levels, from primary to grad level, is truly inspiring.
  • Certification program: I’m in the early stages of developing a certification program for Choice Mapping. This initiative will allow me to provide Choice Mapping as a powerful tool to coaches and therapists, expanding their tools and broadening the reach of choice coaching even further.
  • Opportunities for collaboration: Choice is a universal concept, resonating with everyone, making my work naturally synergistic. I’m actively engaging with individuals I respect, exploring exciting avenues for collaboration and innovation.
  • University freshmen curriculum: I envision The Book of Choice as required reading for university freshmen. As I establish new relationships with university administration, I’m developing a curriculum that will introduce students to the concept of making intentional choices. This is an exciting opportunity to instill the power of choice in young minds from the very beginning of their academic journeys.

I imagine a world where we truly feel the ripple of every choice we make. It’s not just about choosing a direction—it’s about understanding how each decision touches the world around us. To all of you walking with me, thank you deeply. Your belief, support and encouragement are my guiding light.

If you’re inspired to be a part of my journey, and support me with any of these initiatives, I’d love to hear from you. Please reach out. 

(Below is a high-level glimpse of the Unfolding Map I update weekly. At its center, it states: I choose to notice all that unfolds because of my actions related to The Book of Choice. The branches depict the evolving connections, opportunities, and experiences arising both from my proactive efforts and serendipitous coincidences. (Note: Details have been blurred for privacy.)