Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

An Unfolding Map: Exploring the Path of Choice Over Time

An Unfolding Map examines how a choice unfolds in your life over time.

Understanding the Serendipitous Nature of Unfolding

An Unfolding Map will help you understand how you got from one place to the next, both through your intentional actions as well as through coincidental opportunities that presented themselves. Unfolding occurs serendipitously because of choices and changes you’ve decided to make; it’s not something you force.

The Power of an Unfolding Map

An Unfolding Map captures this fertile process and is a chronological examination of all that comes into your life within a fixed period of time because of a choice you made, or are making. Structured sequentially, this map begins with your initial choice plotted on the left.

Mapping the Flow of Unfolding

Branches then expand to fill the page to the right as you capture answers to your questions of what came next, who you met, and what showed up. This Unfolding Map depicts an expansion of people, opportunities, experiences and thoughts flowing into your life from that choice.

Unfolding Map

People Maps

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Unfolding Map

Exploration Maps

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Appreciating the Momentum of Unfolding

As you trace the route of each answer, you’ll observe the expansive quality of one decision producing many momentum-building options. You’ll notice opportunities, conversations and experiences that are obviously connected to your choice, as well as circumstances that feel tangentially aligned.

Uncovering Hidden Connections with Unfolding Maps

Capturing these details supports you to bridge components of your life that seem unrelated, allowing you to make interesting connections that, without this process, might go unnoticed.

Embracing the Unfolding Process

An Unfolding Map illustrates how choices unfold when you allow for their momentum. Focusing on the details of an Unfolding Map elevates your awareness to all that’s showing up, relishing the uncertainty of what may come next.

Unfolding Maps for Present and Past Choices

With an Unfolding Map, you can explore both past and present choices, and depending on the window of time you’re reviewing, this type of map can be small in scope or quite boundless. For a present choice, this map supports you to stay alert to the progression and synchronicities occurring because of one choice you’re making now. For a past choice, this map supports you to recollect the value of all that came into your life because of a choice made months or years ago.

Cultivating Gratitude and Awe with Unfolding Maps

As you flesh out the branches of your map, this reflection allows you to appreciate with great gratitude and awe all that flowed into your life from one choice in a particular window of time.

Embark on the Unfolding Map Ritual

Consider experimenting with my treasured ritual… Each morning, before the craze of your day begins, devote a few quiet moments to nurturing a live Unfolding Map. During this time, spend no more than five minutes reflecting on the people, opportunities, synchronicities, and experiences you’ve either intentionally brought into your life or that have coincidentally shown up because of a choice you recently made.

Appreciating the Abundance with Unfolding Maps

This simple practice has the potential to heighten your level of gratitude and sharpen your awareness to the details and subtleties you’re manifesting, that without this practice, might fall below your radar and therefore not be appreciated. With an Unfolding Map, you can visually appreciate how much is before you at a given point in time.

Discover the Power of Choice Mapping

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