Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

An Exploration Map examines a choice you’ve made in the past, one you want to make today or one you’re contemplating in the future.

Visual Framework for Insight

An Exploration Map is a visual framework to think through and document the details of a choice that’s clear and succinct yet rich with insight.

Exploring Personal, Professional, and Relationship Choices

An Exploration Map supports you to explore the details of your personal, professional, and relationship choices.

  • For a professional choice, you might be choosing to start or leave a job, step out on your own, or improve your current situation.
  • In a relationship choice, you may be choosing to begin a new relationship, work on mending one you’re already in, or end one that is no longer fulfilling.
  • For a personal choice, you might be choosing to bring something into your life that matters or remove something that doesn’t.

Core Questions for Exploration

To bring deeper focus and examination to a present-day choice, an Exploration Map begins with seeking the answers to five core questions:

  1. Why does this choice matter to you?
  2. What fears might get in your way of stepping into your choice?
  3. How do you want to show up as you make your decision?
  4. What may become possible because you make this choice?
  5. What actions will you take to bring your choice to life?

Creating Your Exploration Map

Visually, an Exploration Map begins with your choice as its hub, sprouting outward-reaching branches which will note your questions. As you seek to go deeper with your inquiry, you can continue asking questions and then responding in a call-and-response manner.

With an Exploration Map, your focus is solely on asking—not solving or fixing. Ask one question, provide one answer. Rinse and repeat.

Engaging in a Dialogue with Yourself

Immersing yourself in the creation of a present-day Exploration Map empowers you to engage in a dialogue with yourself. As you synthesize your answers into digestible nuggets, you reveal new insights while keeping the elements of your choice in the forefront of your thoughts.

Stay Conscious and Committed

Your aspiration is to stay conscious, alert, and committed to the actions you take that support your choice to move forward. With greater clarity about why your choice matters, you’re laying the foundation to put your full resources toward your actions. Placing focused energy in the details of your choice imbues them with meaning.

Make the Exploration Map Your Own

Avail yourself of this map and make it your own, discovering what makes sense and provides you with the most value. Remember, there is no correct way to map, only a desire to do so.

Exploration Maps

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