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Join Unveiling What’s Next
on Tuesday April 30th

Scared to Make a Choice?

Trusting yourself

I’m often asked: How do I know if I can trust myself in making this choice?

Making choices can be daunting, especially after having made mistakes in the past.

Your internal voice questions: Why will this time be different? Who’s to say you’re not going to make another mistake?
Trust means believing in yourself. It’s a practice of putting yourself out there more frequently, making the choices that matter to you, and seeing how you feel afterward. From there, it becomes a block on which you build.

A few months ago, I made a scary but exciting choice to walk away from Zone of Excellence work that paid the bills but no longer fueled me. I made this choice to create space to finish my book and set up the platform for the choice-filled conversations I want to engage in daily.

Making this choice took deep inner trust as my niggling, internal critics loudly berated me: Who are you to believe that what you’re doing will matter, that others will care? How can you be so irresponsible to walk away from a good income?

While there are many mornings I wake with crippling anxiety, there are brighter moments, often after I engage in a meaningful conversation about someone’s choice, when I trust in myself, and have faith that my book will serve as a beacon guiding others to learn more about my life’s work.

For yourself, consider the flip side: What if you don’t make this choice that scares you—how will you feel afterwards?

Trust is knowing that even when you can’t predict what’s next, you can handle whatever comes your way. Trust is built by stepping beyond what’s comfortable and acknowledging that you’re capable of handling more than you imagined.

When you’re unsure about your decision, practice trusting in small increments. As you gain more confidence, you’ll feel better equipped to tackle more complex decisions with ease.

As you make more choices, and have more experiences, notice the results of what happens. From those results and your experience, the trust you develop in yourself will grow and will become a valuable asset in your decision-making.

So, what choice are you facing that scares you? If you’re ready to take the first step in trusting yourself, and you want to get support, click here to speak.