Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Choosing to Reconnect

Friends Reconnecting

During an intimate celebration for a birthday years ago, an eclectic mix of my most special friends gathered to celebrate. These women had joined me at different points in my life—one from high school, two from college, a few from my professional journey, and a couple who’d joined more recently. Wanting to facilitate bonding amongst them, I shared with them how each came into my life and what was special about our connection.

As I reveled in the beauty of who was in the room, I also noticed who wasn’t. Friendships that had formed years ago had faded. Some intentionally, others atrophied from lack of attention.

More recently, at the funeral of a dear friend, as I sat amongst my grieving community, I felt conspicuously on the periphery. While I’d been connected to many over the years, a mutual lack of diligence to nourishing our ties allowed them to erode. As I hugged a friend I’d lost touch with, she whispered, “I’ve missed you and think of you often.”

“I’ve missed you too,” I admitted. “Would you like to start again?”

It’s common, in times of sorrow, to experience a renewed awareness of what’s important and recommit to showing up with greater purpose. In the midst of grieving our loss, my friend and I made a simple, spontaneous choice to find our way back to a friendship we’d treasured.

Imagine the conversation you could have with someone whom you know there is greater potential. Maybe there’s a rift due to an action that occurred, or a story you’ve created, or something underlying that’s getting in the way of the relationship being where you want it to be.

With the goal of finding your way back, what might it look like to have that conversation where you speak directly and with greater honesty?

Imagine bringing healing, closure and greater depth to a relationship that matters to you. What would those words of ownership and expression be? What might that experience feel like? Imagine the profound impact such a conversation could have on your life.

I invite you to consider where you would like to start again.

Which friendships have faded into the background? In which relationships do you sense untapped potential?

Visualize expressing your desire for a stronger bond, confronting the underlying issues and taking ownership of your part. While confrontation and vulnerability can be daunting, the possibility of reigniting a connection that matters is worth the courage and effort.

Each day you can make the choice to start again.

Who might you choose to reach out to with a text or call? As you choose your words of reconnection, trust in the transformative experience that lies on the other side of that conversation.