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About Kim

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I’m Kim DeYoung, the Choice Coach, author of The Book of Choice, and host of The Voice of Choice. My zone of genius is helping thoughtful people make intentional choices that allow them to live more examined lives. By making conscious choices, they become who they want to be.

I treasure exploring the depth and nuance of other people’s choices. When clients, friends, and family feel stuck, I remind them that they have immense power to shape their future by making conscious and proactive choices.

Utilizing my Choice Mapping process, I engage in deep dive conversations with people of all ages and stages who are eager to discern what may be holding them back from doing what they want to do, as well as keen to draw inspiration from past choices to guide their future.

With my attentive and compassionate listening skills, combined with my intuitive inquiry style, I guide people through an individualized self-discovery process, unlocking their innate wisdom, to make empowered personal, professional and relationship choices.

While engaging in deep dive conversations, both privately and in groups, I offer a fresh perspective and new insights, revealing aspects of a choice that may have escaped attention.

What is Choice Mapping?

Mapping is a creative, self-discovery tool for delving deeply into the components of a choice.

Whether you’re facing a mundane decision or standing before a pivotal crossroads, Choice Mapping provides a framework for exploring a meaningful choice in greater depth. Mapping empowers you to find your way from where you are to where you want to be.

Through mapping, you’ll gain the clarity and confidence to make the choice that aligns with the person you aspire to be, forging the path that matters to you. Mapping unlocks the possibility to chart your own course, enabling you to design a life that’s uniquely satisfying,  purposeful and thoughtful.

The Book of Choice teaches you how to independently navigate a choice through mapping. If you’d like more support, you can have a private experience with me.

My Clients Get Stuck On...

Feeling Overwhelmed

Decision Fatigue

The Weight of Shame

The mere thought of committing to a particular path leaves you feeling overwhelmed, and potentially paralyzed. 

Perhaps the burden of decision fatigue is leaving you mentally and emotionally exhausted, unable to think clearly.

You may be carrying the weight of regret or shame from previous choices, further preventing you from moving forward.

Regardless of the underlying cause, when you feel like a passenger in your own life, you begin to feel out of control to steer yourself in the direction you desire.

  • Are you putting off making a looming choice because you’re feeling anxious, indecisive and confused?
  • Or do you want to leave what’s comfortable for the unknown, but are worried about making the wrong choice and missing out on opportunities?
  • Maybe you’re struggling to trust your own intuition, but lack the confidence to trust that you’ll make the right choice.

My Clients Get Excited About...

How You Can Work with Me

Now, more than ever, we want to align our livesboth professionally and personally, around what matters most. But, making the right choices to make that happen can be hard.

During a Choice Mapping experience, I’ll guide you in assessing why your choices matter, what could hold you back and what’s possible. My unique approach provides a safe, open and inquisitive space that enables you to explore what may be unseen and untapped.

While exploring the complexity and subtleties of your choice, we’ll observe an unaccessed world that exists below the surface of your everyday life. In our concentrated connection time, following the lead of your answers, I mine for and tap into thoughts and insights often forgotten or disregarded. As you share your answers, my intuition guides my questions to unearth more, allowing our conversations to meander and delve deeper. Some thoughts never shared, once voiced, allow for new connections and observations to be made.

I’ll support you with empathy, deep listening and a commitment to helping you develop your potential.

At the heart of my work lies my dedication to supporting your personal and professional growth. I work collaboratively with you to help unlock your full potential and achieve your goals, whether it’s navigating a challenging decision or creating a more fulfilling life. With practical tools and guidance, I help you take meaningful action to live your best life.

You're Stuck :: The Momentum Experience

  • You’re stuck. You want answers, and you want them now.
  • We’ll look at what you want, what’s in the way and what action to take to get you there.
  • A 45-minute session designed to provide you with solutions when you don’t have unlimited hours to figure things out

Look Back :: The Exploration Experience

  • This experience will help you to reflect upon a past choice and unlock the potential to move forward in your journey.
  • During a 90-minute session, we’ll take an introspective exploration into a pivotal choice you’ve made in the past.
  • Your Exploration Map will capture the complexities of your choice and distill them into something much simpler that provides you with a new perspective about your choice.
  • During a 60-minute follow-up session we’ll discuss lessons revealed in your map.

Look Forward :: The Possibility Experience

  • When making a present or future choice, you’re either moving toward something you want, or away from something you don’t want. These are personal, professional or relationship choices.
  • During a 90-minute session, we’ll embark upon a deep-dive conversation exploring a conscious choice you want to make to determine what’s possible for you.
  • Your Possibility Map will capture the complexities of your choice and distill them into something much simpler that provides you with a new perspective about your choice.
  • During a 60-minute follow-up session we’ll discuss the key actions you’ll take to set your choice into motion.

Thought Leader :: The Content Creation Experience

  • For thought leaders, coaches, authors and teachers who have a message to share with the world but are feeling stuck. Your words are inaccessible, intangible or vague.
  • During two 90-minute sessions, we’ll delve into the details of your chapters, lessons and stories. We’ll get clarity on why you’re writing/speaking, what you want your audience to learn and do, and what their next steps are.
  • Your Content Creation Map (plus a corresponding outline) will be a concrete, visual representation that will empower you to get your genius out of your head and into the marketplace.
  • During a 60-minute follow-up session we’ll discuss the key actions you’ll take to take your content into the world. 

The Book of Choice

Ready to make intentional choices to live the life you want?

The Book of Choice teaches a self-discovery method designed to help you find your way from where you are to where you want to go. It’s a guidebook to making choices and understanding how and why you choose the way you do. Through making conscious choices you become the person you want to be. In this book, you’ll learn a practical approach to making these choices and navigating the bumps along the way. 

Whether you’re facing a big choice right now or grappling with a choice you’ve made in the past, The Book of Choice takes you through a unique process that distills your wisest, most honest insights so you can utilize them.  

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Your choices are deeply meaningful because they demonstrate who you are, what you value, where you've been and where you're going.
Kim DeYoung
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