Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Embracing the Liminal Space of Choice

Liminal Space

Embracing the Liminal Space

Imagine knowing you want something you’ve not had before but questioning: How will I get to that place in the distance? 

Caught Between the Familiar and the Unknown

In this liminal space, you can see where you’ve been and where you want to go, but the path ahead is unclear. You’re caught between the familiar past and the unknown future.

Eric’s Journey: Embracing Anticipation and Doubt

My client, Eric, was tired of unfulfilling work and yearned for a career change. But even though he saw a chance for something better and meaningful, he still:

  • Felt a mix of anticipation and doubt
  • Worried about money
  • Felt uncomfortable leaving behind something familiar, even though it wasn’t satisfying

Trusting the Process of Unfolding

Despite these challenges, Eric recognized the potential for growth and excitement within this liminal space. He sensed that pushing too hard or seeking immediate answers as to how he’d figure out his whole path wouldn’t serve him. Instead, he gave himself permission to take small actions and trust in the process of unfolding.

Embracing the Discomfort and the Unknown

In the race towards that distant destination, it’s natural to feel the urge to rush.

But what if, instead, you could resist that urge and allow yourself space, time to pause and reflect?

Navigating the Liminal Space

While embracing the discomfort and the unknown feels unpleasant, it’s within this uncertainty that self-discovery occurs.

Invitations from the Liminal Space

Being in a liminal space invites you to:

  • Be present,
  • Listen to your inner voice,
  • Be open to unexpected opportunities.

It’s a time for introspection, small actions and tuning into your intuition. Navigating this in-between space, you gain clarity about your next steps.

 Clarity through Introspection and Small Actions

As you move through a liminal space, regardless of the challenging emotions it brings, allow yourself to surrender to your discomfort and enjoy what’s unfolding.

The Gateway to a New Chapter

The liminal space is the gateway to a new chapter.

Ready to Move Forward?

P.S. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure about how to move forward with a new choice, join me for a 1:1 session. During our concentrated time together, we’ll look at what you want, what’s in the way of getting it, and what action to take to get you there. I’ll guide you beneath the surface of your choice to relieve any feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. We’ll figure out realistic and achievable steps you can take now to generate momentum.