Women's Launch Playbook

Action Steps for Module 4


What it Means to Launch

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How to Launch by Speaking

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Download an example of a Speaker Sheet


How to Launch with Affiliates and Strategic Partners

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How to Launch with Pilot Programs

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Women’s Launch Playbook – Pilot Program Invitation

Behind the Scenes – Ready Set Resultz

Behind the Scenes – Women’s Launch Playbook


How to Determine Pricing for your Offering

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Launch Offering Process
This is the master document that has lots of valuable content that applies to the launch channels discussed in modules 4 & 5. First there’s a task list for 5 different launch channels – speaking, pilot programs, affiliates, Buzz-worthy launch and the Evergreen Launch. Then there’s a visual map of how to layout a Preview Call and Buzz-worthy launch. I have provided an Email map and suggestions for email content for your different lists of affiliates, your opt-in list, your house list and your customers (regardless of what launch you’re doing you can apply these emails to your business). And finally, there’s a Launch Planning Document.

Example of a Speaker Sheet

Getting Comfortable with Selling
Interview with Bob Burg – author of The Go Giver
Is Your Quest for Perfectionism Holding You Back?