What is the Alchemy of Choice?

When I speak of choice, I’m referring to an intentional or conscious commitment to do something that matters to you that has the ability to create great momentum and great impact. Action comes after you’ve made your choice. After you know why. After you’ve committed.

When I speak of alchemy, I’m referring to the magical transformation that becomes possible in your life when you’re alert to the synchronicities, nuances and subtleties that unfold because of the choice you’ve made.

What is Meant By The Alchemy Of Choice?

The Alchemy of Choice is about making a choice that matters, taking inspired action to manifest it. And then walking in faith and staying alert to notice what unexpected gems show up along the way. It’s about being conscious to how your life unfolds. And what momentum is created because of your action. And being open to and eager to see the possibilities of what may come.

It’s easy, because of the noisiness of our daily lives, to not notice that whenever we act, our intentional, carefully chosen steps forward are mirrored by a magical unfolding that’s outside of our expectations and beyond our control. This is the X factor, the alchemical spark. Moreover, the stroke of luck that causes people, experiences, and opportunities. The ones that you likely didn’t predict or imagine to show up, seemingly out of the ether. Once you realize that this magic is always available to you, you can harness the power of choice and appreciate the richness of what lays before you at any given moment. Suddenly, choice is not just about action. A burden of getting things done that rests heavily on your shoulders. Instead, each action is fodder for alchemical transformation. Allowing opportunities and experiences to appear that defy planning or expectation.

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