Join Unveiling What’s Next on Tuesday April 30th

Join Unveiling What’s Next
on Tuesday April 30th

The Influence & Impact of Choice

Influence and Impact with Donna Cravotta

The Effects Of Decision Making

From Choosing Our Partner to Fighting Oppression, Our Impact of Choice Shapes the Decisions We Make.

Today marked a beautiful example of life coming full circle. Over 6 years ago I attended a workshop when I was at one of the lowest times of my life,. I’d ended my relationship with my mother on the drive to the event. Donna was the angel who consoled me. She was also the angel who saw through my pain to my gifts and hired me to complete a project that really mattered to her.

Meeting Donna was the seed from which my book idea grew. The seed from which my book, The Book of Choice, grew. I’ve been exploring impact of choice (mine and others) for the many years, and the seed that’s grown into the work I’m doing and dream of doing at a bigger level.

I was honored when Donna asked me to speak with her community to answer 5 questions, that I didn’t want to know before we began. Please listen in.