Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Choosing to Speak 50 Times in 50 Weeks

Patty Lennon

As I’ve made the choice and commitment to host my podcast, because it matters to me (a lot) and I hope it’ll matter to you as well, I interviewed my good friend Patty Lennon about her choice to speak 50 times in 50 weeks.

She made this choice at the challenge of her mentor knowing it would allow her to create the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. Now, years later, she’s sharing the transformation, and teaching others how to do what she did so they can get their message out into the world. And break thru the resistance that comes up when you consider speaking. And that is only possible by the action of more speaking.

When Patty first shared her speaking challenge with me, I had the intuitive knowing I was meant to follow her lead. Maybe not 50 speaking gigs, but 20, a number that feels overwhelming (and hopefully transformative) but manageable.

Each day we have the power to make choices that matter to us

For the past few years I’ve been very introverted and behind the scenes but as the months have progressed, I’m feeling an inner urging to come out, connect and share. My love of everything about the choices we make – how we make them, why we make them, what becomes possible after we make them, who we affect because we make them – is one of my deepest passions. Each day we have the power to make choices that matter to us, and can potentially matter to others and influence them.

With Patty’s coaching support, I crafted my first talk called The Alchemy of Choice, about how a choice can change your life. My first speaking gig was a Pecha Kucha format, a “chit chat” of 20 slides, each 20 seconds for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Because of Patty’s choice, she inspired mine, and the ripple continues.

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