Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Making Hard Relationship Choices

Making hard relationship choices

I’ve been deeply immersed in thinking about relationships lately, and have been posting quite a bit about them on Instagram. These posts cover different aspects of relationships, offering valuable insights and guidance for navigating them. I’m sharing some of my key insights with you, in hopes you find them intriguing and applicable.

To Ghost or Not to Ghost

Oh, the prevalent phenomenon of ghosting in modern relationships. I strongly advocate for embracing courage over convenience, urging individuals to prioritize honesty, express their true feelings and fearlessly tackle uncomfortable conversations head-on. To rise above ghosting means embracing honesty, integrity and compassionate communication. Watch more as I delve into the passive nature of ghosting, its impact on both parties involved and what it signifies about one’s character.

Choosing to End a Relationship

Making the decision to end a relationship is undoubtedly challenging, whether it’s with a close friend, romantic partner or business associate. It’s important to acknowledge the depth of connections and beautiful memories shared, while recognizing that circumstances can change, leading to disconnection or growing apart. Watch more where I emphasize the importance of prioritizing what’s truly right for you and offer three actionable steps to help you move forward as you contemplate the person you aspire to become.

Divorce is a Spiritual Journey

  • While divorce is difficult, it also holds incredible potential for growth, healing and self-discovery. A few key insights of mine while navigating divorce is the importance of:
  • standing up for oneself
  • showing up authentically for our children,
  • embracing faith in the unknown future

In this heartfelt post, I explore the transformative nature of divorce sharing personal experiences and reflecting on the sacred journey that divorce has the potential to be.

I hope these thoughts resonate with you, my intention is to provide you with valuable insights as you navigate your own relationships. Please share them with anyone in your life who may find them beneficial. As always, I welcome hearing your thoughts. Just send me a DM.

P.S. As someone who doesn’t historically share much personally on social media, I am actually enjoying sharing wisdom and thought around all things choice-related on Instagram. Please follow me if you’d like to see all I’m sharing.