Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

How Will You Choose to Show Up?

How You Show Up

When we think of choice, we often picture ourselves at a crossroads. Do I go this way? Do I go that way?

But sometimes a choice is something more subtle: How will I choose to show up today? How will I choose to interact in a way that’s loving, not judgmental, and open-hearted?

An important person in my life is going through a difficult time. While the choices she’s making are not necessarily ones I’d make for myself, it’s very important to me that I respect where she is, honor her, and show up in a loving and non-judgmental space.

Being mindful of my heart being the center of how I show up is a conscious choice.

At times, keeping these questions in the forefront of my mind helps me stay centered as I interact throughout my day—they inspire and support me to stay in line with who I want to be.

At other times, I find it difficult as it requires a consciousness to slow down, let go of my daily distractions, ground in and become intentional with how I’m showing up.

Today I invite you to think about somebody in your life where you may feel a strain or a disconnect—something is off in your dynamic.

Imagine what it would feel like to call them, to reach out, to tell them you care and to just let them talk. To listen, to not fix where they are, to just offer love. (And, if you feel so called, to actually reach out.)

Having been thinking about this topic all week, I recorded a short video. Take a listen.