Why Should You Share Your Secret?

Kathe Crawford

Kathe Crawford, the author of Unlocking Secrets: My Journey to an Open Heart, chose to share a secret she’d kept for 30 years.

This secret wound its tentacles around her mind and heart but she got to a point where she was ready to be set free. If you’ve ever struggled with whether or not you should share your secret, you’ll be captivated by her story.

When Should You Share Your Secret?

I’ve time stamped some of the highlights from our podcast below but you can click here to listen to the entire conversation.

    • [02:34] Since I’m fascinated by choices I was struck with Kathe’s observation that there are lot of little choices that lead to the actual big choice – in her case revealing her secret. And when she made the choice to reveal her secret, the whole universe really did open up for her, including her new book.
    • [05:36] Kathy reveals her secret, that her husband was diagnosed with AIDS in the mid-eighties. She lived with that, without telling a soul for 30 years! She shares how people responded when she finally opened up. We spoke about how so often the things we don’t share are the things we feel shame about, but when we have the courage to share what scares us, there’s magic on the other side, always.
    • [09:14] Kathe openly shares what held her back from sharing her story. And how she finally reached a point in her life where she said, “I am worth it.” She’d been looking and searching for answers on the outside. When she knew the answer was right inside of her the whole time.
    • [00:16:05] Kathe shares the moment when she finally reveals her secret. She had eight minutes to tell her 30-year story, and when she looked up at the audience there was not one bit of rejection or shame. She realized that she’d been running and looking for this love and approval when in fact, she had it all the time. She just had to be brave enough and courageous enough to open herself up.

Do Your Secrets Hurt Your Well-Being? Share it.

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