Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Choosing to Bring a Positive Message of Love into the World

Bill Donaldson

I’ve never put a sign up in my yard, but after speaking with Bill Donaldson, I’m ready to.

Bill Donaldson is a veritable Clark Kent. Financial consultant by profession and founder of the non-profit Love Has a Home by passion. In October of 2017, Bill made a choice to bring a positive message of love to the world. He came up with the phrase “Love Has a Home Here,” and created  the logo printing it on various products such as t-shirts, lawn signs, hats, car magnets and other items that will spread the message wherever the product is seen.

Here are a few highlights from our conversation, you can listen to the whole podcast here.

    • [02:34] Bill shared how his inspiration came to him while he was driving. (So many people have told me that’s when they get their best ideas!) He noticed a lawn sign with a great message about non-hatred. But what struck him was the very word that the sign opposed was there; front and center. He wondered, “Do we really need this negative approach to solving problems?” He made the choice right there on spot to do something and shortly thereafter the phrase, “Love has a home here,” was born.
    • [07:19] Bill shares how his connections got him to the next level with sharing this important message. I love how that happens. When you have an important message so often the right people show up to help you share it with the world.
    • [11:19] Bill works as a financial consultant and he’s a dad so I asked him how he’s juggling everything and fusing his new mission with the other parts of his life. I loved his answer, “The truth is no matter what I’m doing, I’m bringing it with me.” He speaks about how his choice filters into every part of his life.
    • [16:40] Then we got into how fear can hold us back. But according to Bill, when you do what you love, you let go of the outcome. He says about our choices, “Don’t worry about what might happen. You just trust that what you’re doing is good work and let it go from there. Let higher powers take it from there.
    • [23:15] When you have a very big, amazing idea it’s overwhelming at times. Bill acknowledges all the work that goes into our ideas and how to makes space and get support for your labor of love. Don’t go it alone!

Part of what’s exciting for me about these interviews, is imagining how each person’s story may inspire someone listening. I think about you, the listener, who may be on the  fence with something you want to do. It’s been brewing in your belly and this interview may be the catalyst you need to take that next step. So always try to Bring a Positive Message of Love into the World. If that’s you, I hope you go for it!

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