Women's Launch Playbook


Action Steps for Module 5


How to Launch with an Evergreen Launch

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How to Launch with a Buzz-Worthy Launch

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Examples of Other People’s Buzz-Worthy Launches

How to Create a Stick Campaign

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How to Be of Service



Launch Offering Process
This is the master document that has lots of valuable content that applies to the launch channels discussed in modules 4 & 5. First there’s a task list for 5 different launch channels – speaking, pilot programs, affiliates, Buzz-worthy launch and the Evergreen Launch. Then there’s a visual map of how to layout a Preview Call and Buzz-worthy launch. I have provided an Email map and suggestions for email content for your different lists of affiliates, your opt-in list, your house list and your customers (regardless of what launch you’re doing you can apply these emails to your business). And finally, there’s a Launch Planning Document.

Email Map & Strategy
This document provides content suggestions and strategy for emails to your affiliates, house list and bucket list as well as for your stick campaign. While this document is comprehensively created for the buzz-worthy, you can pull components of it for any of the launch channels.

Buzz-Worthy Launch Examples
This content in this document is priceless. For the past months I’ve been capturing the complete process of a variety of buzz-worthy launches. Noted are the emails and videos of actual buzz-worthy launches so you can model some of the steps. (Chalene Johnson, Maria Andros, Gina DeVee, Alexis Neely, Brendon Burchard, and more). And, I’ll expand the list as more launches occur, so you’re always up to date with the newest launches.

Take Your Brain to the Bank
This free report is the beginning of my first evergreen launch. Grab a copy to see my example. From the free report you’ll then receive a drip email series which leads to my product offering.

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