Welcome to The Women’s Launch Playbook

I’m thrilled that you’re joining me in the creation of your own personal Launch Playbook, which will be your roadmap for launching your offering out into the marketplace. Before you begin this program please watch this Welcome Video that will familiarize you with everything you’re going to get over the next six weeks. (If you haven’t signed up yet feel free to watch the video below and visit this page to learn more.)

Welcome Message from Kim

Here’s a quick review of all 6 modules of content available to you in the membership area:

You’ll start by getting clarity and really zeroing in on…

  • WHY you want to launch something new so you’re clear on how you measure success.
  • WHY you’re the best person to do it so you STAND out, even in a crowded market.
  • WHO is your launch designed for and WHY do they need it so you create a solution they can’t wait to pay you for.
  • WHAT kind of info product, event or program will be the best match for your business so it accomplishes the BIGGER goals you have for your business and gets you there faster
This is where you’ll see how to transition from planning to implementing. You will learn…
  • HOW to get it out of your head and into your Playbook with my favorite mind-mapping tools to organize the main tasks involved in your launch.
  • HOW to use my Bucket System to break your project into smaller “bite size” pieces so you can make it more doable and less overwhelming.
  • HOW to keep on top of each phase of your project by having it carefully delineated with all the corresponding steps.
Launching is all about timing so this module is about determining…
  • HOW to take the steps you broke down and sequence them into a logical order so you can see WHAT you need to be doing at any given time.
  • WHO should be doing WHAT so you have a team on board to support you throughout the entire launch process.
It’s time decide on key strategies for getting your project launched into the marketplace, like…
  • HOW to price your product and have a service mindset so you can confidently communicate your launch offering as a MUST HAVE for your target market.
  • WHICH of the many launch channels will work best for your product offering so your launch quickly grabs the attention of your target market.
  • HOW to communicate with your affiliates, prospects and customers with an amazing email map so you don’t get bogged down in a tangled web of email communication.
More key strategies for getting your project launched into the marketplace, like…
  • WHAT launch style works for your business. Examine different launch channels – such as the evergreen and buzz-worthy launch – so you can determine the most effective launch techniques that will connect you with your target market .
  • HOW to create an authentic, yet incredibly effective sales page that really connects with your prospects so they feel like you understand them and can help them so they’re compelled to look to you for the solution to their problem.
  • HOW to motivate your clients to implement your offer with a stick strategy so they engage and adopt your product or service, see the value, and become satisfied long-term clients that rave about their results.
It’s time to maximize your exposure from your launch and use it to leverage your the relationship you have with your new customer by planning….
  • HOW to create a dynamic, progressive marketing funnel using a Strategic Money Map so your launch becomes a stepping stone to growing your business to a new level.
  • WHAT kind of upsells (and downsells) make the most sense post-launch so you give your clients even more value and you benefit by being the go-to person for providing them with options.
  • HOW to use the “trigger offer” a special teaser concept to support your new prospects to join you as a customer.
  • HOW to get everything you want by giving your customers everything they want so you create a profitable, long-term relationship with your customers that’s built on trust