Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Ready Set Resultz

This program provides you, the creative entrepreneur with lots of ideas, who’s not getting them out into the world as fast as you’d like, with specific details so you to grow your business, one project at a time. This simple 5-step system allows you to tackle your big projects with confidence and quickly get them into the marketplace. Use this system repeatedly (for any and all future projects you want to get done) as you catapult to the next level in your business.

Step 1 – Defining Your Vision

Discover a simple formula that will give you the clarity you need to identify the right project for your business. Learn how to focus on projects that support your overall business plan and provide momentum for future growth.

Step 2 – Breaking it Down

Remove the overwhelm of your project and gain confidence by learning three powerful steps. Learn how to use Kim’s secret formula for taking the whole and breaking it down into “bite size” pieces using templates and worksheets that are worth their weight in gold.

Step 3 – Resourcefulness & Delegation

Find out where to go for help when you get stuck. Gain clarity of which pieces of your project should be delegated so you truly maximize your own time. Learn how to assemble your outsourcing “dream team” and fully utilize their expertise.

Step 4 – Creating Systems

Learn how to make vital checklists that effectively communicate responsibilities and timelines to your team. Also learn how to implement programs that help you track progress, both theirs and yours.

Step 5 – Staying Accountable

Empower yourself and your team to get it done by creating timelines that keep everyone motivated to finish your project. Learn to connect with like-minded mastermind partners to help you keep your focus.

Bonus & Resource Content

These bonuses around systems, mindset, delegation and organizing have been carefully chosen to supplement your “Get It Done” learning experience.

Hot Seat and Q&A Calls

As others are featured in these calls you’ll be surprised how many times we face similar challenges even when we’re working on very different projects. You’ll discover a lot of “hidden” gems in these calls!