Join Unveiling What’s Next on Tuesday April 30th

Join Unveiling What’s Next
on Tuesday April 30th

Your Choices Tell You Who You Are

Every single day you make choices, some big, some small, but certain choices are deeply meaningful because they demonstrate who you are, what you value, where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Exploring the depth and nuance of other people’s choices is an incredibly rich and satisfying experience for me. I’m invited into an unaccessed world that exists below the surface of our everyday lives.

In our deep connection time, I mine for thoughts and insights often forgotten or disregarded.  I listen for golden nuggets of wisdom, which have a mantra-like quality, and let my intuition guide my questions to unearth more.

Some are thoughts that have never been shared—thoughts that once voiced, allow for new connections and observations to be made.

When you choose to explore your choices with me, you’ll embark on a deeply personal and profound journey that filters out all the external noise and allows you to rediscover your true self.

My job, as your coach, is to pose powerful questions and hold open a safe, compassionate space giving you the freedom to answer with your most honest truth.

When you listen to what you have to say you’ll be amazed at your wisdom. Using my proprietary Choice Mapping System™, I capture your words of wisdom, revelations, hidden gems and insights—all that’s already inside of you.

These are a few examples of past choices I’ve explored with friends, clients and family members.


You and ONLY you can write the next chapter of your story.

Where is your next choice going to take you?

I’d be honored to be part of your journey.

Discover more about my approach to coaching and my Choice Mapping System™. And when you’re ready to do a deep dive on one or more of your past, current or future choices, let’s begin.

“Kim has an uncanny ability to ask just the right questions at the right time, to do a safe deep-dive into what your decisions have created in this life of yours. How can you put a price on this awareness? This kind of work is profoundly personal, spiritual, yet has enormous impact in your relationships, businesses, confidence and personal power.” 

Teri Goetz
Patricia Cozine

“Kim opened me up to share things I’ve never even said out loud before. There’s something incredibly therapeutic about having someone look at your choices from the outside and then present them to you in a completely different way, without judgment.”

“None of my current growth would have been possible without this work. Kim’s process is perfect for anyone going through transition, which is a time of overwhelm. When you can learn from, and visually see, the repercussions from the choices you’ve already made, the clarity moving forward is incredibly valuable.”

Laura Campbell