Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Discover What It's Really Going to Take to Launch YOUR Dream Business*

*You know… the business where you serve your ideal clients, are well-paid for your expertise and can truly enjoy your business and your life!

Introducing Launch GPS

Drive Your Business in the Right Direction

As an entrepreneur, with a big vision of what you want to accomplish in your business, does your overabundance of great ideas get the best of you?

Do you ever find yourself on your business path…

  • Losing focus because you’re constantly chasing the latest bright shiny object that you think will solve all your problems?
  • Letting your love of perfection keep you permanently stalled because whatever you’re working on is never good enough?
  • Allowing doubts and limiting beliefs to undermine you and where you know you should be taking your busines

When this happens it’s all too easy to find your business begins to drift along without real direction and focus. So instead of making happen what you want to make happen, and creating momentum in your business, it feels like you’re not moving forward at all.

Having watched many extremely talented business owners struggle (and lose the joy and energy they originally felt about their business), I created the Launch GPS program as a tool to give you clarity on WHERE you are now with your business, WHERE you want your business to go and HOW to get there

Launching a business is like going on a journey into unknown territory. 

There are a series of things that are brand new to you. Things you never learned how to do in college or in any of the corporate jobs you may have had.

Whether it’s creating an info-product, a new coaching program, putting together your website, hiring a new assistant or whatever else, if it’s the FIRST time you’re doing it, it can feel overwhelming and disorienting.

As we now live in a modern smart-phone age, traveling to new locations is much easier with our GPS by our side. When I’m out and about and caught between destinations, I feel confident knowing I’ve got my guide beside me preventing me from going astray. And when something comes up unexpectedly, like missing an exit, I’m easily rerouted. The beauty of having GPS is that it allows you to enjoy your journey because you know you have what you need to get you where YOU want to go.

Well, that’s EXACTLY how I want you to feel about launching your business.

I want you to have the confidence from start to finish so you can enjoy your business journey. Being in business is about serving your ideal client, leveraging your expertise and getting paid for it. What could be more fun? But that fun often gets lost along the way as you’re just trying to find your way without any guidance or direction. 

You end up just feeling frustrated.

You may even consider quitting.

If you’re reading this page it’s because you want to make it work in your business. You want to find a way.

Why I created Launch GPS for you...

I created the Launch GPS program to be your on-the-go guide to understanding what’s involved in each stage of your business journey.

I’ve been on the road you’re on…

After a high-energy corporate career in the fashion industry, I wanted the flexibility and freedom that only entrepreneurship could offer me. I became a serial entrepreneur and for the last 20 years I’ve done almost every kind of launch imaginable – my own clothing line, an online membership community, coaching programs and info-products, and next up is my first book.

I provide coaching, both one-on-one and through interactive programs, designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to take action and get real results. I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get unstuck and see bottom-line results.

I’m passionate about showing you how to create a meaningful and profitable business for yourself. I want to teach you what I learned the hard way by tapping into all my years of hard knocks experience so I can share with you the really important things – the “milestone” decisions that will impact the future of your business. 

Launch GPS gives you the BIG picture!

Often I share the how-to nitty-gritty details of how to do all the things to make your business work, but what I’ve discovered it’s hard to see the value in these specific details and projects when you don’t have the big picture clear in mind.

So, in this 30-day video coaching program I’ll guide you through the different stages that you go through as an entrepreneur. This will give you some mile markers so you know what’s coming and you can keep your momentum.

Maybe you’ve been sitting at a crossroads trying to decide how to move forward with the vision you have for your ideal business for a long time now…

You owe it to yourself (and to the clients you know will benefit from what you have to offer) to figure out how to move forward. I want to give you the guidance and confidence you need so you can you choose your path and stick to it!

In Launch GPS I share the four stages of your business journey and provide you with targeted training to help guide you through each one. (And I threw in some practical, how-to tips as well.)

Video Coaching Session #1 – Clarify Your Vision

WHERE do you want to go?

You need to start with your destination in mind. It sounds simple but this is actually one of the more difficult steps for most entrepreneurs. In this video I share a foolproof formula to help you achieve clarity on the big vision you have for your business and how to identify the next logical steps you need to take to get there.

BONUS REPORT: How to Choose the Right Project for YOU – So you can either Build Your List, Gain more Credibility, Expand Your Platform or Make More Money. This report focuses on choosing a project that’s going to make a difference for your business that’ll generate momentum, and is fun and purpose-filled.

Video Coaching Session #2 – Own Your Expertise

WHERE are you at right now?

You need to own your expertise, step into what you really know and what your gifts are, and deal with any lingering limiting beliefs from your past. In this video session I speak about how to prepare yourself with a powerful mindset so that when the inevitable roadblocks show up they won’t slow you down.

Video Coaching Session #3 – Start Creating

WHAT do you already know?

This session is about leveraging your knowledge to create products or programs to offer to your ideal client. I’ll give you my absolute favorite tips for getting content out of your head quickly (even if you hate writing). And, I’ll  share some resources and tips on product creation from written to audio and video formatting.

BONUS REPORT: Leveraging Your Knowledge for Profit – This report is based on an interview of both a copywriter and audio/video specialist on how easy it is to repurpose the content that’s in your head (or on your hard drive) into multimedia content marketing.

Video Coaching Session #4 – Get Organized

HOW are you going to get it done?

This session is going to help you get over the stage where most entrepreneurs get stuck. You’ll see how to look at a particular project and break it down into chunks if you want to move forward. I show you how to remove the overwhelm around your project – by learning 3 powerful steps to breaking it down into smaller “bite size” pieces.

Video Coaching Session #5 – Strategize Your Launch

HOW are you going to launch your offering into the marketplace?

Launching can feel scary, but if you’ve created something and then never sell it, who benefits from that? It’s very important that you choose a launch method that works for you and your business. I share the three components to every launch and then give you an outline of 5 different launch channels you can utilize.

BONUS: Get It Done Launch ChecklistThis checklist, which you can easily customize for your own project, will help you organize the tasks that need to get accomplished to complete your launch. This amazing tool will help you stay on top of your launch instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Video Coaching Session #6 – Sell Authentically

HOW will you sell without feeling like you’re selling out?

To share what you’ve got, you’ve got to create a positive mindset about selling. In this session I speak about “being of service” and acknowledging that you’re providing something that will really benefit your community. Combine this positive mindset with some simple non-slimy selling techniques and you’ll see your energy level rise and your selling fear dissipate.

Video Coaching Session #7 – Give More Value

WHAT do you give your clients next?

Often all our energy goes into the first sale that we forget we need to plan for the next step. In this session I share ideas with you about how to maximize your client’s value by moving them towards additional purchases, upgrades, add-ons, and new solutions. Believe it or not, your ideal client will appreciate this.

Video Coaching Session #8 – Create a Stick Strategy

HOW do you keep your clients happy?

You’re not in business to make just one sale but to have your clients for life. In this session I discuss “customer lifetime value” and how you gain the loyalty of your clients so they keep coming to you for solutions AND they refer their friends.

BONUS AUDIO: Interview about the Prospect Customer Lifecycle with Colin Daymude, an expert at creating profitable business funnels. In this interview Colin and I examine the seven stages of the customer lifecycle, and then more importantly, we share how you can truly serve your customer at each stage so that it becomes a long-term, profitable relationship.

Transform Your Business with the Right Information

The coaching videos I outlined above are short and content-rich, around 15 minutes each. But don’t be deceived by their simplicity. In each video I take you through a progressive step-by-step approach to launching a profitable business that serves you and your clients.

From Stage 1 when you’re discovering (or rediscovering) your true purpose and mapping out the big vision for your business.

To Stage 2 when you’re creating the products and services that will meet the needs of your ideal clients and make you money.

To Stage 3 when you’re launching your products and services into the marketplace.

And finally to Stage 4 when you’re further leveraging your services and products to serve more people and expand your reach.

I wholeheartedly believe that by giving you this bird’s-eye-view of what’s coming up in your business journey, you’ll be much better prepared. You’ll know where your strengths and weaknesses are. You’ll have the clarity you need to move forward with confidence.

Here Are My Answers to Your Questions….

So how does Launch GPS work?

This is a 30-day program. You’ll receive two emails per week focused on the progressive phases of your business with a link to a short coaching video along with bonus exercises, worksheets, templates and additional trainings.

Once you sign up, you’ll get your first video in a matter of minutes! You can watch it right away, or watch it again later when you need specific advice on the particular phase of launching you need help with. You’ll have lifetime access to these videos so you can log in and watch the coaching videos over and over again when you need a refresher on a certain topic.

Who will Launch GPS work for?

I created these videos for an entrepreneur or small business owner who’s discovering (or rediscovering) exactly WHERE it is you want your business to go. There are many directions you can take your business nowadays and it can get overwhelming. This program was designed to give you clarity and tangible, realistic advice on how to get your business headed in the right direction.

How can I get the most from Launch GPS?

I recommend you go through the entire program as it’s delivered to you. In just 30 days with a very small time commitment, of approximately 30 minutes a week, you’ll have a fantastic overview of what’s involved in launching a profitable business that serves you and your clients.

How much will this cost?

Launch GPS sells for $97.

Let’s get started so you can create YOUR vision for the PERFECT business with…

Clarity on where you are now.
Clarity on where you want to go.
And best of all, clarity on what it’s going to take to get there.

It’s time to enjoy your business journey by getting aligned with your true purpose and the BIG vision you have for your future business growth. 

Order now and you’ll receive your first coaching video session in a few minutes!

Are you ready to begin your journey? There will be twists and turns along the way, but when you view it as an adventure and you utilize all the guidance and support this program offers you, you’ll find it to be a fun, interesting and profitable experience.

Get your business started in the right direction. Sign up TODAY and let’s get started!

I look forward to supporting you along the way,