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How a Choice Can Change Your Life?

Hi, it’s Kim,

I’m so happy someone in your life directed you to this page!

Over close to a decade I’ve been privileged to share a unique coaching process I created with some of my closest friends, colleagues and clients, and now it’s time to share my work with an even bigger audience.

I want to invite you to join me on a special journey. It’s an in-depth, introspective exploration into a pivotal choice you’ve made in the past.

What’s the value of closely examining your past choices?

Your choices tell you who you are.

Looking back and exploring a meaningful choice empowers you to take 100% ownership for that choice.

This topic of choice has been a recurring theme for me lately and here’s what I’ve discovered …

When you own your choice, you can embrace it – whether it was the best decision of your life or a painful misstep that taught you valuable lessons.

By taking ownership of your choices you give yourself a renewed sense of consciousness… “You are capable of making choices that propel you in the direction YOU want to go.”

Crossroads We all make choices every single day, some big, some small…

But there are certain choices that are deeply meaningful… choices that have had a tremendous impact on who you are, what you value, where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Some of these choices instantly stand out in your mind – who you married (or didn’t), what you studied in college, what job you took, where you moved, etc.

The question is have ever you really taken the time to acknowledge what your choices teach you about yourself?

What motivated you to make that choice?

Why did you choose that option when everyone was pushing you in a different direction?

Did you listen to your intuition or ignore it?

Read about Gail who made a choice to let go of furniture that had been handed down to her from her parents. She choose to redecorate one room and let go of the weight that furniture added to her life. On the surface her choice seemed subtle, and easily a choice to go unacknowledged, but in truth this “small” choice had great power in her life because of the snowball effect it created…

After my father passed away and my mother went into a home, I inherited all the furniture I grew up with. It had been in my life for 40 years and it was now in my home. For me, the choice to get rid of it and buy new furniture for myself was very hard, and I carried guilt because of it, but deep down I knew I needed to create my own space.

After working with Kim, it's now clear that I didn't fully appreciate the ramifications of my decision and how having that clarity empowered me moving forward. She pointed out that the same tactics I used to design the living room - following my instincts, getting it done, and even "breaking the rules" - were showing up in the way I ran my business.

It became clear that following my choice to redecorate my living room, I had a whole new energy. I began to step up and take control of my life again, including my business. As a result my business was transformed back into the space I wanted it to be and I'm finally attracting the right kind of clients and partners again.

I looked at my map and in that moment my choice was validated. I saw that I wasn't dishonoring my parents and I finally got rid of my guilt, which had been a tremendous burden. And now that there's no more guilt attached to my choice, I'm moving forward with freedom that pushes my door wide open. Now I feel better than ever about trusting my intuition and designing and building whatever I want to create.
Gail Watson
Women's Speaker's Association

Did you notice the clarity Gail received after looking at her map?

She’s referring to the Exploration Map I created for her. This map is an incredibly helpful tool to examine a past choice. The map allows me to present your choice visually so you have a completely new perspective on why you did what you did.

Let me share how we’ll explore your choice and create your map…

During our first session together, we’ll spend 90 minutes in a deep-dive conversation exploring a conscious choice you made that you want to delve deeper into to see the ramifications of how that choice has played out in your life.

I’ll then take the information I’ve gathered from our time together to create your Exploration Map – a visual map that captures your choice and all that emanated from it. This map takes all the complexities of your choice and distills them into something much simpler.

Your map will empower you to digest and acknowledge all the ways that choice has affected your life.

Here are a few bird’s-eye examples of maps I’ve created for others. While you can’t see the details (and they wouldn’t have much meaning to you if you did) you can see how different each one is.

That’s because every choice has it’s own unique rippling effects…

So what does this really mean for you?

Here are examples of what you’ll discover in your Exploration Map…

  • Hidden patterns – helping you drill down to what really motivates you.
  • Unexpected outcomes – freeing you to forgive, appreciate and accept – both yourself and others.
  • Unconscious narratives – giving you clarity to reframe your story in a more positive light.
  • Evolving relationships – allowing you to recognize and honor their influence in your life.
  • Long-lasting repercussions – helping you embrace your power and see yourself as the creator of your own destiny.
  • Life lessons – recognizing them frees you to shed your guilt and appreciate how you’ve grown.
  • Unforeseen connections – opening up your mind to even greater future possibilities.

During our 1-hour follow-up session together, we’ll discuss the patterns, outcomes, narratives and lessons that were revealed in your map.

Together we’ll explore the answers to questions like…

  • How can you use this insight about past choices to make better choices in the future?
  • How can you honor and grow from the relationships that have gotten you to where you are today?
  • How can you leverage the brilliance revealed in your map to live more consciously in the future?
  • How can you rewrite your past to open up your mind and heart to more prosperous outcomes?

When you can look back and see where you’ve come from, you can look forward to where the possibilities lead next.

During our follow-up session I’ll open the door for you to begin exploring the possibilities of what’s next for you on your journey.

While it’s challenging to describe what your personal map will deliver since every person has a unique response, I trust when you read the experiences of others who received maps below you’ll get a better sense of what it’s like to see and experience your very own Exploration Map…

"There was a time in my life when I was making a lot of decisions and taking a lot of action. The map Kim created for me helped me visually experience and make sense of a time that hadn't made sense to me. It provided an affirmation that there was a method to my madness even if I couldn't see it when I was living it.

Kim helped me to pull the key "nuggets" from this time in my life that are shaping my future, while letting go of the things that aren't relevant to me anymore. The map revealed a process, which at the time I couldn't articulate and I might not have even understood, but that was there. Her process has served me well and now I can be more intentional about using it moving forward. None of my current growth would have been possible without this work. This is perfect for anyone going through transition, which is a time of overwhelm. When you can learn from, and visually see, the repercussions from the choices you've already made, the clarity moving forward is incredibly valuable."
Laura W Campbell
"The experience of creating my map allowed me to let go. To have Kim, who listened to all I shared with her full heart, and care as much as she does, is so liberating. Then seeing my map, with all the branches stemming from my initial choice, and not necessarily knowing where any branch might lead, was really about honoring the unknown. I saw that is was okay to have unresolved questions. It harnessed my trust and certainty that there's a path for me. And even though I might not always see it, it exists.

Sometimes there's a choice that you've made in your past that's so tenacious that it keeps coming up over and over again in your mind. Having your own map can help you make peace with that choice. Kim's process will show you a different perspective of your life that'll allow you to have closure while at the same time opening you up to a journey, even if you can't quite see the destination."
Allie Evans
"I've been experiencing some huge transitions so my map was good for me to reflect on my past to how I got to where I am today. Kim opened me up to share things I've never even said out loud before. There's something incredibly therapeutic about having someone look at your choices from the outside and then present it to you in a completely different way, without judgment.

Having my choice mapped out visually on paper was eye-opening. I saw how certain lessons kept on showing up. It was incredible to see all the patterns. Once I recognize the patterns showing up in different scenarios, I'm empowered to accept them or choose to find new patterns that will serve me better."
Patty Cozine
Patty Cozine
"Reflecting on the history of my decisions (and life) I began to see patterns emerge - both good and not so helpful! My map helped me see the influence and power of each person I let into my life, whether this person has "hurt" me and moved on, or whether they are still in my life. I began to realize that each interaction caused a chain reaction of happenings. I am reminded of forgiveness, appreciation, self-acceptance and the power I have to create in my life.
Kim's map is a unique and very special tool that will probe the recesses of your desires, dreams, pains and tender spots to find new appreciation for you, for your life, and for your decisions. By learning the power of your decisions, and your choices, you can use your power more wisely. You can learn to forgive those that hurt you because they have given you so much in the way of connections, lessons and awakenings.
The power of choice is always with us, but we too often forget and feel at the effect of life, a victim of sorts, until we realize that every choice we make has a repercussion. When you look back and see them, you realize that there is no wrong way to do things. You see how people have come into your life for a reason. You see your power.
Teri Goetz
Teri Goetz

This exploration of a choice is not just about giving you amazing clarity on your past… it’s about unlocking your potential to move forward in your journey…

A journey where you fully acknowledge your past choice, you learn from it, but no longer feel obliged or weighed down by it.

A journey where you honor yourself, trusting that you are where you’re meant to be and the future belongs to you.

It’s only the beginning.

This is the most in-depth and intensive coaching I provide. I’m excited to invite you to experience this exploration with me.

Any Questions?

I’d be happy to speak with you before embarking on your mapping journey.

I’d love to be a part of your journey and explore your choices and help you gain the clarity you need to take inspired action in the future.

I look forward to exploring what’s possible for you,

Kim Signature

P.S. If you have any questions please reach out so we can speak.

P.P.S. To learn a bit more about how this process came to be, click here

"Kim has an uncanny ability to ask just the right questions at the right time, to do a safe deep-dive into what your decisions have created in this life of yours. How can you put a price on this awareness? This kind of work is profoundly person, spiritual, yet has enormous impact in your relationships, businesses, confidence and personal power. You can really reach an empowered state by finding the treasures of your life hidden in an Exploration Map. The truth is, you often can't see the treasure because you become too buried in the craziness of your life. Your fears, pains, and subconscious beliefs put blinders on this part of your awareness. Kim's intuitive skills take you on a journey to rediscover your true self, find answers to the buried questions, and realize how powerful your future really is...and you are in the driver's seat. You just forgot."
Teri Goetz
Teri Goetz