Revenue Stream Builder Day

The purpose of this day is to look at how money is flowing into your business.

This one-on-one day together (in person or virtually) and the work we do together afterwards will add bottom line results to your business.

You and I will begin with a very expansive visioning of all that you currently have in place and all that you want to accomplish. This process is so thorough and comprehensive it’s only available to clients of this program. I’ll provide you with specific recommendations for improvement in your current marketing funnels so you can increase your opt-in and sales conversions, which will have a direct bottom-line effect.

Part 1 – Clarify your Big Vision and Your Message

I’m a big believer that you want to have a vision that’s big enough for you and a message that clearly communicates to others what you’re all about and how they’ll benefit from working with you.  You want to choose a vision that scares you a little bit, and gets you out of your comfort zone. Having a clear vision will act as a boundary and allow you to let go of the bright shiny object syndrome – the things that sound fun, but won’t really benefit your business. As well, you’ll be more focused to do that work that makes a difference for you and your business.

Part 2 - Identify Revenue Models

If you can visualize your business like a pie cut into wedges with each wedge representing different streams for generating revenue, how many wedges are you using? And what percentage of your whole is each one occupying? We will review the many different streams to determine what best serves you and the growth of your business.

Part 3 - Create a Marketing Funnel

We’ll look at your marketing funnel from two vantage points – the point of view of how money flows in and the point of view of your prospect/customer’s experience. We’ll look at how prospects move from one stage of their “relationship” with your business to the next and what their experience is like. This will help you clarify what your long-term objective should be as they move through each stage.   The purpose of the Money Map is to maximize the value you get from each and every prospect and customer that comes through your marketing funnel. This is your big picture plan and this is where I typically start with my clients before we begin focusing on what specific projects will get prioritized.

This map will clarify how money flows in your business from your prospects through your main offering to future upsells. It is what matters almost more than your products and services themselves. It is critical that the right marketing pieces are in place at the right time. Do you have the right Lead Magnet, Tripwire, Core Offer, Profit Maximizer and Re-engagement Path? Is the execution of each of those marketing assets executed in the most effective manner? Is all of your messaging congruent with your offers and what your target market really wants? The real question for you to consider is whether you are willing to take the chance at just getting a smaller dollar value from every prospect that visits your business vs. a higher dollar value of potential by not effectively mapping the flow of money on the front-end and then continuously as your business grows.

Part 4 - Implement Your Vision

This 360 look at your business is going to give you a lot of food for thought and it’s important that instead of leaving overwhelmed, you walk away with a plan of action. We’ll wrap up our day by coming up with an implementation plan for your vision. You’ll know exactly where you need to focus your time and energy. You will know what you need to delegate and what you need to tackle personally. We’ll also come up with a doable schedule so you’ll see real momentum as you move forward.

Optimize the relationship you have with your prospects & customers

Nothing in your business has a bigger impact on your bottom line than the relationship you have with your customer. We’ll review missed opportunities in your current business so that you can connect more deeply with your prospects & customers to maximize your relationship with them and in turn optimize your revenue. This is a very customized day (plus additional coaching time so you stay on track) for the very motivated entrepreneur so we begin with an application for you to share details about your business