Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

Are You a Rhino, Elephant, Ostrich or Rabbit?

The Book of Choice

Exclusive Bonuses

Choice Mapping Videos

Fully discover the power of Choice Mapping as I guide you through the process of creating three types of maps: People Maps, Unfolding Maps and Exploration Maps. These videos provide step-by-step instructions, empowering you to visualize your choices, gain clarity and make decisions that align with your aspirations.

How to Create a People Map

A People Map is a visual tool that helps you express gratitude and acknowledge the impact of key people in your life. This video provides an overview of how to create a People Map and showcases two templates. Learn how one person’s introduction can lead to a chain reaction of connections, and reconnect with gratitude for the people who have shaped your life.

How to Create an Unfolding Map

An Unfolding Map explores the journey of a choice over time. This video guides you through the process of capturing intentional actions and serendipitous opportunities that unfold as a result of your choices. By tracing the expanding branches of the map, you’ll observe the interconnectedness of experiences, people and thoughts stemming from a single decision. This reflective practice cultivates gratitude and heightens your awareness of the meaningful details in your life.

How to Create an Exploration Map

An Exploration Map is a visual framework that helps you delve into the details of a choice, guiding you through a reflective process of inquiry and exploration. By answering core questions, you gain insight into your motivations, fears, possibilities and actions. Use this map as a guide to envision your actions and commit to your choice with clarity and meaning. Make it your own and embrace the value it brings to your decision-making journey.

These introductory videos give you a useful summary of the basic ideas behind Choice and Choice Mapping. They offer helpful insights that will improve your understanding of these concepts.

How to Make a Meaningful Choice

Each day, we face a variety of choices, ranging from the mundane to the momentous. Simple choices involve our daily routines. Momentary choices involve deciding between two options. Proactive choices involve making an intentional commitment to do something that matters. By making choices with intention, we align our actions with our values and actively shape who we are.

What is Choice Mapping?

A Choice Map is a visual tool that represents a choice you’ve made, are making or will make. Through an inquiry process, you explore the components of your choice, gain insights and learn about yourself. By mapping your choices, you can tackle important issues, understand your thoughts and approach puzzling situations with curiosity.

Choice Maps Unveiled

Take a Mapping journey to reflect on the past, bring presence to the present and imagine possibilities for the future. Discover three Choice Mapping methods: People, Unfolding and Exploration Maps. Use different media to create your maps and focus on uncovering your truth. Make the maps your own and enjoy the creative exploration.

Book Study Group

Mark your calendar for August 14th and join me in an interactive Book Study Group where we’ll delve into engaging discussions about the book and I’ll personally address your questions. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect, exchange ideas and gain deeper insights as we explore the book together.