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Webcast Videos

The Get it Done videos from my Webcast will teach you the following how-to steps:

Step 1: How to choose which project will create the most momentum for your business

Step 2: How to break that project into manageable pieces

Step 3: How to get support to get your project completed


These are templates and tools that will help you navigate through each of the 3 “how-to” steps I share in the videos.

The Project Formula
This worksheet goes through three powerful exercises to help you identify the project that will create the most momentum in your business.

Bucket List Breakdown of Tasks
This worksheet provides examples of the types of tasks that fall within the 4 buckets – Creative, Content, Technical and Administrative. It includes some of the most common tasks to help you categorize the individual components of your project.

Bucket List Breakdown of 10 Business Projects
In this worksheet, I take 10 of the most common business projects and work through how to breakdown the tasks by bucket.

Get it Done Resource Rolodex
Gain online access to my Get It Done Resource Rolodex, filled with all the resources for WHO can help get your stuff done, by bucket. These are the resources that I use and love, and happily share them with you. This will save you a ton of time and energy.

Bucket Outsourcing Map
Clarifies the types of people who help you in the specific buckets. For example within the content bucket there are copywriters and ghost writers and writing coaches.