Attention: Launch Playbook Students

You Ready to Create a Revenue-Generating Info Product with YOUR NAME ON It?

Here’s the Shortcut You’ve Been Looking for to Get It Done in 2 EASY Steps

So You Can Quickly Become an Expert in High Demand, Bringing in an Ongoing Stream of Passive Income

Dear Launch Playbook Student,

Are you stressed or excited when it comes to creating your own info product?

I want you to be excited!

Imagine reaching hundreds or even thousands of your ideal clients, because instead of providing your hourly-based service you’re offering them a product that has no geographic boundaries or limits on who can purchase it. Imagine that instead of relying solely on your hourly rate or retainer fee, you made “passive” income selling products to a new community of people.

As a business professional, whether you’re a coach, virtual assistant, nutritionist, graphics designer or in ANY other kind of service-based business, you’re helping your clients all the time. If you stop and think about it you’re constantly solving problems, helping them overcome challenges and using the wisdom you’ve accumulated to improve their lives. You have a lot to share!

Creating your very own information product allows you to continue doing WHAT YOU DO BEST which is providing high value to your ideal clients. BUT it also allows you to leverage your time and expertise much more efficiently.

Since you’ve been participating in the Launch Playbook I know you’re ready to move forward but you might be stuck with some of the following issues...

I’m guessing that you’ve thought about it but are you…

  • Frustrated that you’ve got lots of ideas and information you’d like to share (but you just don’t know how to package it so others can benefit)?

  • Ready to communicate your expertise to a larger audience (but every time you try, it seems you get stuck on how to do it)?

  • Tired of seeing other people with no more, and often less, expertise than you create informational products that produce notoriety and income (while you keep working hours for dollars)?

I hear about these challenges from busy entrepreneurs all the time. Which is why I’ve put together a special offer just for you – to help make this process stress-free.

Creating an Info Product is So Much EASIER Than You Think When...

You Leverage What You ALREADY Know.

People crave information and they use the internet to gather information to solve their problems. So everyday thousands and thousands of your ideal clients are looking for the kind of solutions YOU provide.

An info-product provides solutions to the problems of your ideal client and gives them great value. An info-product is typically written or recorded content around a particular topic that  is packaged and delivered either via the internet or by mail. (Think “downloadable” like an ebook, report, e-course or video training series. Think “shippable” like a CD, DVD or Home Study course.)

Here’s the great news: As a business professional, you work with your ideal client all the time so you know who he or she is, what problems or challenges they’re experiencing and what they need from you to improve their life.

You already have the “WHAT”.

Now it’s just a matter of helping them solve their problem via a product versus in-person. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

You might be thinking, “This sounds good in theory but I don’t even know where to start.”

Are You Ready to Get Your Info Product Out of the Idea Stage and Out Into the World?

Life sometimes comes back full circle. I began my career developing product for the Gap and Banana Republic. That was my passion and I loved understanding my customer and creating clothing that met her needs. While my clothing days are part of my past, I’ve returned to product development mode but instead of developing physical products, I create information products.

And the truth is, the skill of creating products (whether physical or informational) is the same — it’s about getting into the space of your ideal client and thinking about what they want, what you have to offer and how you can provide it to them.

I’ve synthesized what I’ve learned and am pulling back the curtain to share it ALL with you…

  • How I used my “failures” to create income-generating products so others wouldn’t make my mistakes.

  • How I’ve taken ideas (from thin air) and merged them with clarity about my ideal client so that I create products for them providing real value.

  • How to use my easy-to-replicate 2-step system to create info products in a few short weeks around your own schedule.

  • How I used info products to get what I want – more clients, a bigger list, enhanced credibility and passive income.h

Imagine in a few short weeks, looking proudly at your own info product with your name on it!

Imagine the rewards - whether that's more income, a bigger list, or more credibility...

Introducing an Easy 2-Step Program to Quickly Create and Sell Your Very Own Info Product

I’ve taken what I’ve learned and synthesized it into a self-study program called How to Build a Profitable Info Product with built-in flexibility so you can work your project in around YOUR schedule. The beauty of this program is it’s completely CUSTOMIZABLE so you will be able to grab (and digest) the information that applies to your particular project (and hold onto the rest for later projects if you want to).

“Kim’s How to Build a Profitable Info Product program is terrific! Prior to the course I had all of these great product ideas swirling in my head. Working with Kim has helped me realize my authentic gifts to offer in the world to leverage my time and help more clients globally. The value she offers with tons of content is terrific! I’ve actually copied everything for my business library. I loved the way she broke the overwhelming task into bite size pieces that you felt as though your small efforts were a part of the bigger picture. This course is one of the best I’ve taken in a long time. Thanks Kim for giving me all the tools I need to begin creating my products!”

Sarah Hathorn
Illustra Image Consulting

Kim’s How to Build a Profitable Info Product class opened up enormous possibilities for me as a business owner. I found her breadth of knowledge – from minute technical issues to broad marketing techniques – to be truly exceptional. Kim drove home the message that what I know is unique and can be easily re-purposed into info products such as workbooks and articles as forms of passive income. Who doesn’t want that?!

Many of us feel that everyone already knows what we know. Now I truly believe that my audience craves more information in exactly the way I communicate it. What’s more, Kim gave me the tools (and the steps) to make it happen

Jane Pollak

Let me walk you through the basics of my 2-step system that I will teach you so you can create your info-product in a few short weeks.

Step One -- Think It

  • Find out more about the world of information marketing (you don’t have to be a slick marketer to make money with an info product)
  • Conquer your limiting beliefs and step into a place of strength (so you STAND out, even in a crowded market)
  • Zero in on your ideal client who’s starving for what you have to offer and get clear on your ideal client’s biggest challenges (so they can’t wait to pay for your solution)
  • Take what you ALREADY know and create your product (learn how to repurpose what you already have, so you can quickly generate cash from your idea)


Plus a BONUS Call“The Secret Weapon to Generate Content You Can Sell FAST” with Guest Expert Paul Evans, owner of Nicheology & Content Goldmine!

Step Two -- Create It

  • Determine the right format for your product (how to create reports, ebooks, audio & video training and which is best for you and your audience
  • Discover four techniques to streamline product creation that suit your personality (since not everyone is a writer, learn the fastest way to get your ideas out of your head and into a product)
  • Get your hands on valuable templates and screenshots (these templates are HUGE because you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Learn how to get your product ordered and delivered without any hiccups (avoid problems by setting-up reliable backend systems whether your product is downloadable or hard copy)
  • Fight overwhelm by breaking your project down into manageable pieces (you’ll get ALL the steps broken down for you into “buckets”)

Plus a BONUS Call – “The Pros & Cons of Various Email and Shopping Cart Systems” – Listen in as my assistant and I share all the ins-and-outs of shopping carts and mail systems. (You’ll receive our helpful templates as well.)

How to Build a Profitable Info Product is brilliant! It helped me figure out how easy it can be to come up with great content. I especially appreciated the PLR (Private Label Rights) training because now I see that it’s something I can make my own, as a springboard for ideas. I appreciated that even though every little thing we know is something we learned from someone else, when it’s coming from me, in my voice, that makes it uniquely mine.

Heather Stephens

WOW! Get it Done U was already an amazing resource but Kim’s group coaching programs are phenomenal! I took part in her How to Build a Profitable Info Product class. Not only did this class help me come up with my first idea for an info product, it’s helped give me the confidence to move forward with it and slide with ease through the obstacles. I enjoyed the group camaraderie via the forum and Kim’s super informative but calming style of leadership.

Heather Price

How to Think & Create Your Very Own Info Product Around Your Schedule

Imagine, once you learn how to use these 2 steps you’re going to have the confidence and the know-how to get your own info product out of your head and into the marketplace. The beauty of this self-study program is that it gives you the flexibility to digest this information around YOUR schedule and you can go back and review sections later. (and don’t worry, you’ll have access to accountability and support too!)

Here’s how it will work, as soon as you sign up you’ll get access to our virtual classroom where you get…

Access to 6 module trainings of the entire How to Build an Info Product 2-Step System in manageable bite-sized pieces in different formats – PDF workbooks, audio coaching and video coaching. You’ll have the flexibility to digest this information around YOUR schedule

  • Module 1: Introduction to Information Marketing
  • Module 2: Getting Clear on WHO Your Ideal Client Is
  • Module 3: Determining the Best Format for Your Product
  • Module 4: Nitty-Gritty Details of Creating Your Product
  • Module 5: Breaking Your Project into Manageable Pieces

  • Module 6: Delivering Your Product into Your Client’s Hands

You’ll receive access to the to all the content right away. If you’re driven to move thru the content quickly, then do that. If you want to move slowly I’ll send you email reminders to keep you on track. My goal is for you to make progress, your way, without the overwhelm.

You’ll have the flexibility to digest this information around YOUR schedule.

Comprehensive Handouts, Templates and Checklists

If you’re a visual learner, you’ll fine the handouts, templates and checklists really help you grasp the concepts of How to Build an Info Product. Even seemingly complex and technical aspects are synthesized for you into manageable and digestible templates. You’ll love these customizable templates that show you how to break down your project. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel – just plug the particulars in and you’re off and running – this is a huge timesaver!

BONUS: FREE 30 day membership to the Inner Circle of the Get It Done Action Club for additional support

You’re going to have questions and I want to make sure you get the answers. So for one month I’m inviting you as my VIP guest in the Get It Done Action Club. And as an Inner Circle member, you have me “in your back pocket” so that you can get the support you need to keep the momentum going.

During your complimentary 30-day membership you’ll enjoy a 3 calls per month: a Q&A Call to address your challenges you’re experiencing with your project, access to a Laser Coaching Call so you can get the extra personal support you need to move forward and a Virtual Work Day which is an implementation day to provide you with space (and accountability) to take action on the tasks of your project. You’ll have access to our Private Facebook Group so you can post questions for me, network with other participant club members for support and joint venture opportunities and chart your progress for immediate feedback.

Special Note

Membership to the Inner Circle is normally $197 a month but when you order a copy of How to Build a Profitable Info Product not only do you get the first month free, if you decide to continue your membership* to the Get It Done Action Club you lock in a reduced rate of $97 a month!

So think about how much you’ve saved after a year of coaching, support and accountability as part of my exclusive Inner Circle… It comes to $1297 in savings!

* This is a month-by-month membership with no strings attached. You can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked. But as long as you remain an active member, you’re locked in to the reduced rate of $97 a month.

Are You Ready to Share What You Have to Offer With a Larger Audience and Profit From It in a Big Way?

How to Build a Profitable Info Product is a simple 2-step process but it only works if you “Do It”. 

I purposely made this program affordable for everyone, and if you’ve read this far my guess is you want to expand your reach, leverage your time and make more money. It’s time to stop leaving money on the table and make a solid investment into doing it!

I don’t know about you but when I invest my time and money to learn something new it motivates me to see it through—whether it’s losing 10 pounds or learning how to set up a blog. It’s human nature, I guess.

So let’s partner up, and let me give you access to the customized learning you need and get it done! It’s important to share that this program is NOT FOR YOU if you’re not ready to focus, take the necessary steps and commit to taking action. This program is for those who want to IMPLEMENT and do what they need to do to create new revenue streams. It’s for those of you who want to maximize your time, energy and resources effectively because your time is too valuable to keep trading dollars for hours.


Plus You're Protected by My Personal "Get-It-Done" Guarantee

I’m confident that you’re going to be thrilled by the tools and strategies you’ll learn starting with our very first class. To back that up, I’ll give you two weeks of access to decide if it’s a good match for you and where you’re at in your business and in your life. If you decide it’s not for you … just let me know before your two weeks of access and receive a 100% refund! No questions and no hard feelings.

Yes Kim! I want to learn How to Build a Profitable Info Product so I can expand my reach, leverage my time and make more money!

When I invest in How to Build a Profitable Info Product I will receive:

  • 6 training modules on exactly how to create my own information product. MP3 recordings, Workbooks and Video training so I can access the information I need anytime AND in my preferred learning style.
  • Handouts, Templates and Checklists – that will serve as my roadmap and help me implement my learning. These will simplify my process and I’ll be able to return to them repeatedly. (Many have said my templates are worth their weight in gold.)
  • One FREE Month of the Inner Circle of the Get it Done Action Club after the program ends so I can receive an additional full month of support and accountability, directly from Kim. ($197 Value for FREE)

I’ll also get access to these bonus calls:

  • Paul Evans sharing “The Secret Weapon to Generating Content You Can Sell FAST”
  • Kim DeYoung and her assistant speaking about “The Pros & Cons of Various Shopping Carts and Email Systems”

Plus I’m protected by Kim’s “Get-It-Done” Guarantee. I have two weeks to decide if this program is a good match. If it’s not I just let Kim know before the two weeks are over and I’ll receive a 100% refund

Make this the time you take action and create a life where you CAN work less and play more! Imagine being at a soccer game with your kids, on the phone with a friend or even sleeping and knowing that sales are coming in! Invest in yourself today. To your success,

P.S. As you noticed this program is about getting it done, it’s about taking action and taking the steps. If you DON’T take action, you WILL NOT get results. You’re covered by my guarantee, so you don’t have anything to lose. Click here to get started now at an unbelievably low price, and let’s get to work


Kim is so amazing! How to Build a Profitable Info Product was exactly the class I was looking for. I learned so much and gained so much needed clarity on my info product. I appreciated all the time and tremendous value Kim provided – she rocks!

Kelsie Morales

How to Build a Profitable Info Product is an incredible program. I have taken so many programs and felt I got fair value out of them. However, this one has totally blown me away. I was so impressed with Kim’s approach as teacher, the wealth of information, the quality of the information, and the participants. Kim is EXTRAordinary and definitely attracts phenomenal people.

My key nugget is that my info product doesn’t have to be anything hard. In fact, it’s going to be based on something that I already know. The really exciting thing for me is knowing that if I can create the first one, the rest will follow, and become more fluid and exciting as I move forward. That is what Kim inspired in me – to just get that first piece done and you’ll get the momentum you need.

Theresa Anderson
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