Congratulations! You're the Ostrich!


Welcome, brave explorer! I’m Kim DeYoung, your guide on your path of courage-filled self-discovery. I’ve discovered the heartbeat of your decision-making style. A hearty congratulations, you are an Ostrich!

Results Summary

As an Ostrich, in the dance of decision-making, you move with a cautious grace, sometimes stepping aside from the whirl of conflict or stress. You might find yourself hesitating or avoiding decision-making, perhaps due to fear of making the wrong choice, or because you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options available. 

Remember, this isn’t a negative – it’s simply a reflection of the careful, cautious nature with which you approach the world.  Facing these decisions head-on can be a liberating experience and an opportunity for growth. You’ve taken the first step to understanding your decision-making style, let these insights guide your steps on this remarkable journey of growth.

Check your email for a comprehensive Ostrich Guide to Empowered Decision Making that details your decision-making style’s strengths and offers recommended next steps. And remember, this is only the beginning of your journey into understanding your unique decision-making style.