Congratulations! You're the Dolphin!


Welcome, courageous friend! I’m Kim DeYoung, accompanying you on this brave journey of introspection. You’ve dared to dive deep into your decision-making style and have discovered a profound truth: You are a Dolphin!

Results Summary

As a Dolphin, you surf the waves of decision-making with the joyous spirit of collaboration.  Like a dolphin in a pod, you understand the power of unity, the harmony of collective wisdom and the beauty of consensus. Remember, while seeking input is a powerful trait, there may be times when you’ll need to make decisions independently. 

Well done on this introspective journey to better understand your decision-making style. Remember, sometimes the bravest decision is the one you make independently, even when the pod isn’t in agreement. Keep these insights close to your heart as you continue this incredible journey of self-discovery.

Check your email for a comprehensive Dolphin Guide to Collaborative Decision Making that details your decision-making style’s strengths and offers recommended next steps. And remember, this is only the beginning of your journey into understanding your unique decision-making style.