VIP Coaching with Kim

VIP Coaching with KimThis one-on-one day together (in person or virtually) and the work we do together afterwards will give you dramatic results very quickly. In fact, you’ll end up taking action twice as fast as you think you can.

You and I will begin with a very expansive visioning of all that you currently have in place and all that you want to accomplish. This process is so thorough and comprehensive it’s only available to clients of this program. We will look at your business through three different lenses and I’ll provide you with specific recommendations for improvement in your current marketing funnels so you can increase your opt-in and sales conversions, which will have a direct bottom-line effect:

Next, we’ll break your project down into small pieces, delegate them (where appropriate) and create specific systems so the details of your project are completed efficiently and on schedule.

This is a very customized day (plus additional coaching time so you stay on track) for the very motivated entrepreneur so we begin with an application for you to share details about your business.

Request an application and I will contact you to discuss the next steps