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“Revealed: 3 Steps That Will Turn Your Idea or Unfinished Project Into a Reality So You Can Serve More Clients and Make More Money”

A message from Kim DeYoung

Dear Busy Entrepreneur,

You come back from the latest internet marketing event, mastermind meeting or coaching session all fired up and inspired to create something – a website, a book, a new coaching program, etc…

But NO ONE is there helping you figure out HOW to get it done.

I’ve been hearing from many savvy, creative, enterprising entrepreneurs lately. And from what you tell me you have a lot of great ideas – that’s not the problem. But getting them implemented… well that’s a whole other story…

What’s really frustrating is you know that if you could just get your meaningful work done you could make a real difference in the life of your clients, boost your profits and take your business to a whole new level

You don’t have to struggle all alone with implementation anymore. 

Introducing 3 Steps to DONE
(That Work with ANY project)

Now you might be wondering how three generic steps can help YOU… Isn’t every project different? Can it really be that simple?

It’s true that the specific tasks will vary from person to person, but what I’m teaching you is a powerful PROCESS for getting your meaningful projects done and I guarantee it works no matter what you’re trying to create in your business. 

Take a look at these how-to steps to 
getting it done 
quickly, easily, without stress and best of all without blowing your budget:

"Everyone tells you WHAT to do… Kim DeYoung is THE only expert I could find that showed me HOW to do it."

“She instinctively knows what you need and how to get things done in YOUR business – her rare combination of ‘already done that’ experience, knowledge and insight is unparalleled.”

–Donna Cravotta
Social Sage PR

Step 1: 

How to choose the RIGHT thing to create (a product, service, event or marketing campaign) 
so you generate real momentum and catapult your business to the next level.

Step 2: 

How to break down your project into “bite-size” pieces
so instead of feeling overwhelmed you have a specific, easy-to-manage plan of action.

Step 3: 

How to be resourceful and know when to delegate
so you have the critical support and expertise you need through each phase of your project.

Now think for a moment how empowered you’ll feel when you can approach any project with the confidence of having mastered these three steps. Do you see what a breakthrough this 3-step process can be when you feel stuck? Do you see how much momentum you’ll be able to build into your business growth with this expertise?

To get a feel for how this works take a look at how these steps totally revolutionized the businesses of three entrepreneurs just like you…

"What I learned from Kim was not knowing how to do it is NOT an excuse."

“I was overwhelmed and a little confused. I had lots of reasons why I wasn’t “getting it done”, the principle one being that I wasn’t sure how to do it! What I learned from Kim was not knowing how to do it is NOT an excuse. This program was so solution-oriented that before long I had the clarity and the confidence to move forward. The learning was absolutely priceless and I know now I can do “it” – whatever “it” is!”

Jen Ohrman

"The system Kim taught about how to break ANY idea into small, manageable steps was phenomenal"

“At heart I’m a visionary so I knew I could use additional support with breaking down my powerful ideas into doable projects. The system Kim taught about how to break ANY idea into small, manageable steps was phenomenal. The templates and worksheets are absolutely worth their weight in gold. But beyond all the resources, you also come away with a deep belief that you can do it! Kim’s commitment to seeing and then exploding your greatness is contagious.

Amy Miyamoto

"My biggest revelation was that it’s not always just you – you can bring on team members to help implement your project.”

“For me it wasn’t about getting just one project done, this program opened up the door to all kinds of new possibilities and motivated me to step up to a higher level of commitment. My biggest revelation was that it’s not always just you – you can bring on team members to help implement your project. This motivated me to hire an Online Business Manager whose vision matched my own and who had the expertise to see my project through to the finish line.”

Evana Maggiore

As you can see I’ve been teaching these exact steps to my clients for years, through both private and group coaching. But my supportive, kick-me-in-the-butt friends, Mars Burden & Colin Daymude, recently encouraged me to share this information in a new, more personal way!

Insightful, Motivational and Practical –
Learn 3 Steps to Done in a NEW Video Training

This video training is an ideal learning opportunity because you’re going to actually SEE how these three steps work. This 3-hour training is incredibly in-depth on the ins-and-out of each of these how-to steps. I also take you through several real-life examples and show you how to choose which project will create the most momentum for your business, how to break that project into manageable pieces and then how to get support to get it done.
PLUS you get…
My Favorite Tools and Templates that will serve as a roadmap – something to return to when you’re stuck. These are templates to help you navigate through each of the 3 “how-to” steps I share in the videos. (One of my clients called these templates “priceless” because they’re such huge timesavers.)

BONUS 1 – The Project Formula 

This worksheet goes through three powerful exercises to help you identify the project that will create the most momentum in your business. 

BONUS 2 – Bucket List Breakdown of Tasks

This worksheet provides examples of the types of tasks that fall within the 4 Get It Done Buckets – Creative, Content, Technical and Administrative. It includes some of the most common tasks to help you categorize the individual components of your project.

BONUS 3 – Bucket List Breakdown of 10 Business Projects  

In this worksheet, I take 10 of the most common business projects and show you how to breakdown the tasks by bucket. 

BONUS 4 – Get it Done Resource Rolodex

Gain online access to my Get It Done Resource Rolodex, filled with all the resources for WHO can help get your stuff done, by bucket. These are the resources that I use and love, and happily share them with you. This will save you a ton of time and energy.

BONUS 5 – Bucket Outsourcing Map

This map clarifies the types of people who help you in the specific buckets. For example within the Content Bucket there are copywriters, ghostwriters and writing coaches.

BONUS 6 – Lifetime Access to the Get It Done Action Club

The fantastic content you’ll be learning in 3 Steps to Done will only benefit you if you implement it! To get the support and the accountability you need to get it done in your business you’re getting lifetime membership to my private Action Club group on Facebook. As a lifetime member of the Action Club you’ll be able to: post feedback and questions for me, network with other participants who are going on this journey with you and gain additional “Get It Done” insight. and chart your progress for immediate feedback and support.

Are You Ready to Get Your Ideas Out Of Your Head
and Out in the Marketplace So You Can Help
More People and Make More Money?

If you’re reading this page it’s because you really do want to “get it done.”  It’s time to make a solid  investment in you and your business and make that happen. 
The beauty of this training is the steps you are learning are timeless!

Technology changes, marketing methods change, your business grows and changes, your target market or business model may change… 

But these foundational 3 Steps will never change!

So this particular investment is one that it will last you a lifetime. You’re investing in a tool that you can use repeatedly. Once you learn the steps you can use it for any and all future projects.

PLUS You're Protected by my Personal "Get It Done" Guarantee

100% Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’re going to be thrilled by the tools and strategies you’ll learn from 3 Steps to Done Video Training that I’m backing this up with my personal 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied after 30 days, and can honestly say you’ve tried and it didn’t work for you, then you can receive a 100% refund. I’m completely committed to your success. I want to see you get it done and hear about all your incredible results!

You won’t have a single excuse left for not getting your project done!.

Whether you need…

  • practical advice on which project you should focus on,
  • an easy-to-manage plan of action, 
  • or tips on who you should delegate to
you’ll have it all! 
And imagine how much more confident you will feel tackling this project knowing you have accountability and support you need, when you need it!
So if you know deep down you have something you’d like to create and get out into the world but you’re just not sure how to get started, or you’ve tried but quit because you didn’t know how, it’s time to finally get it done and get results. These steps have worked for every one of my clients – from small projects to multi-million dollar launches – and I know they’ll work for you. 


Yes! I want to learn Kim’s 3 Steps to Done so I can turn my idea into a reality, serve more clients and make more money.

For just $397 I’ll get…

  • Three hours of 3 Steps to Done training videos with tips, strategies, and advice to help me implement and take action on my ideas.
  • Kim’s Favorite Tools and Templates that will serve as a roadmap to help me navigate through each of the 3 “how-to” steps in the videos.
  • Lifetime Access to the the Get it Done Action Club private Facebook group so I can get the support I need to keep your momentum going.
Plus I know I’m protected by Kim’s 30-day “Get It Done” Guarantee.
Your order will be processed on our secure servers.
Imagine how empowered you’ll feel when you create what your business really needs in order to move up to the next level… When you have a clear vision, all the specific steps at your fingertips and the support you need to get it done and get results! Are you ready to get some great results?