The Genius Mapping Experience is for thought leaders, such as coaches, authors, and teachers, who have a message to share with the world.

You’ve had your aha moment…That moment when you realize you have something of value and consequence you need to share with the world.

Your friends and family support your vision and tell you, “You should write a book about this.” Or, “You’ve got to start teaching a class on this.”

You’ve seen evidence that it works, as your clients or students apply what you’ve taught and experience transformative results.

You know it’s relevant, it’s important, it needs to be out there…

But you’re stuck. It’s too intangible…It’s too vague…And the last thing you want to do is share a regurgitated version of someone else’s idea.

What if you could pull all of your brilliance out of the shadows and into the light?

What if you were handed a detailed game plan to help get your brilliance out of your head and out there in the world

Are you ready? Because that’s exactly what we’ll accomplish during your Genius Mapping Experience.

But first, let me explain what I mean by mapping…

How I Discovered Mapping as a Coaching Tool

I first developed maps as an inquiry tool for my own life. Maps were so helpful that I began using them as a core coaching tool in my work with clients. Each begins with an in-depth inquiry process, where I ask questions that support my clients to go far deeper and wider to gather more insights about themselves. The map is a vehicle to simply organize the details we’ve extracted so that their new insights are easily accessible for review. Through focused curiosity and an intuitive gift for drawing people out, I’m able to access parts of the self that may be obscured or unnoticed to uncover the hidden inner brilliance. The map is the tool I use to organize the nuggets of wisdom we’ve extracted so that the insights are easy to access and absorb.

Strength Map

Taking the time to dig deep during your own Genius Mapping Experience will have far-reaching benefits. Through my inquisitive questioning you’ll gain clarity on the following:

  • Who will benefit most from your message
  • Why this message and why now
  • The best format for your message – a book, info-product, class curriculum, etc.
  • What makes your message uniquely your own
  • The difference you want to make in the world
  • How you want your audience to feel while they’re digesting your message
  • What you want your audience to do as a result of what they’ve learned from you
  • What lessons you want to teach
  • The stories you can use to support your lessons

Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes video for you to see what it felt like for one of my clients to get her brilliance out of her head and onto a Genius Map, providing a framework so she could then write her book in 30 days.

How the Genius Mapping Experience Works

A lack of clarity can stop you from sharing your brilliance with the world. If you’re not ready to give up on your genius, this is your opportunity to move forward with conviction and integrity.

Got Questions?

I’d be happy to speak with you before setting up the initial intake session.

"I had an idea to write a book and had no idea where to begin organizing my thoughts. After only a few hours, I was able to get all of my book ideas out verbally, but they just appeared to me as random thoughts. Kim was able to take all of the random thoughts and organize them in a way that was fluid and coherent. The entire process was mind-blowing! In my map, I was able to see the connections of ideas and the development of concepts I had floating around for so many years. By using my map, I was able to write my first book in less than 30 days! I am so appreciative of Kim and her method that I will forever contact her to organize my brain—there is no other way to begin a large project!"
Ivy Ellerby
Ivy Ellerby
"The truth is, you often can’t see the treasure because you become too buried in the craziness of your life. Your fears, pains, and subconscious beliefs put blinders on this part of your awareness. Kim’s intuitive skills take you on a journey to rediscover your true self and realize how powerful your future really is…"
Teri Goetz
Teri Goetz