The Alchemy of Choice

I’ve dreamt of speaking about all that we can learn from our past choices to make better future choices, but I’ve resisted. After listening to my friend Patty share how she’d spoken 50 times in 50 weeks, and the transformation she had, I was inspired to take action. As synchronicity would have it, while exploring an alternate high school for my youngest son, I got connected to Joanne. As we got to know each other I shared my work around exploring choices and told her I had a vision to speak about it.

“Did you know that I’m the organizer of the New Haven PechaKucha community?” [Read more…]

Free falling into Yes

skydiving-658404_1920I wish someone had told me that saying yes opens everything up. While it seems so obvious, it wasn’t so obvious to me. The year I turned 50 I made a commitment to say yes often, without giving much thought to what was on the other side.

I chose to free fall into the expansiveness of yes and trust. [Read more…]

Bullshit fears

FearsAs the new year began I did a map with a friend where instead of focusing on a past choice we explored a future one. Her choice is to share her gifts and do whatever it takes to do that.

My first question was to ask if her there are any fears she has to let go of to make that choice.

Her list was long. [Read more…]