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pink-binder2A while ago I decided I’d officially write my book, not just think about it. Not believing I was a writer, I hired Kate, the most perfect coach. And even though I had no idea what our process would be, I free fell into my writing journey, trusting she’d guide me along the way. [Read more…]


Years ago, while at a busy marketing event in San Diego, I formed a special friendship with a woman named Nancy who I’d only known through our online social circles. We snuck away from the crowds, and in the quiet and depth of our conversation, during just one meal, we formed a solid friendship that had us feeling great trust and regard for the other.

After reconnecting recently, she wanted to understand what I valued most.

“That’s easy – connection, collaboration and possibility.”

“Tell me, what do you mean when you say possibility?” [Read more…]

A clear revelation

Forest SunriseI recently posted an article based on a writing prompt I received from my writing coach. Beginning my morning writing with a short prompt allows me a freedom I’ve never had when writing before because I’m relatively unedited and I fall into a free-flow, without judgment.

The prompt was: “How do you know a Fuck Yes? Let me tell you…[Read more…]