The Alchemy of Choice

I’ve dreamt of speaking about all that we can learn from our past choices to make better future choices, but I’ve resisted. After listening to my friend Patty share how she’d spoken 50 times in 50 weeks, and the transformation she had, I was inspired to take action. As synchronicity would have it, while exploring an alternate high school for my youngest son, I got connected to Joanne. As we got to know each other I shared my work around exploring choices and told her I had a vision to speak about it.

“Did you know that I’m the organizer of the New Haven PechaKucha community?” [Read more…]

Choosing to Speak 50 Times in 50 Weeks

50 Speaking Gigs in 50 WeeksAs I’ve made the choice and commitment to host my podcast, because it matters to me (a lot) and I hope it’ll matter to you as well, I interviewed my good friend Patty Lennon about her choice to speak 50 times in 50 weeks.

She made this choice at the challenge of her mentor knowing it would allow her to create the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. Now, years later, she’s sharing the transformation she underwent, and teaching others how to do what she did so they can get their message out into the world, and break thru the resistance that comes up when you consider speaking, that can only be removed by the action of more speaking. [Read more…]

Choosing to Pledge to a Local Charity

One woman can make a difference, together we can change the worldA few weeks ago, I received an email from Christa Doran about a new marketing initiative she was making to both promote her gym and do good.

As I do when I notice a choice someone’s made that I sense will impact others, I want to know more. What caused them to make the choice and what did they hope would come from it? [Read more…]

Choosing not to leave women with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer behind


Donation to Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteMy podcast journey led me to a woman who chose to not leave women with Metastatic Breast cancer behind. Upon reading her story, immersing myself in her blog and watching all her videos I knew I wanted to know more. What had led her to make this choice? What was her vision of what she hoped to do? How would she really impact the lives of these women?

Dr. Rebecca Timlin-Scalera was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast cancer when she was 43 years old and told she had three years to live. With a 7-year old son and a 10-year old daughter, Rebecca feared for her kids and how they’d live without her. [Read more…]

Free falling into Yes

skydiving-658404_1920I wish someone had told me that saying yes opens everything up. While it seems so obvious, it wasn’t so obvious to me. The year I turned 50 I made a commitment to say yes often, without giving much thought to what was on the other side.

I chose to free fall into the expansiveness of yes and trust. [Read more…]