Years ago, while at a busy marketing event in San Diego, I formed a special friendship with a woman named Nancy who I’d only known through our online social circles. We snuck away from the crowds, and in the quiet and depth of our conversation, during just one meal, we formed a solid friendship that had us feeling great trust and regard for the other.

After reconnecting recently, she wanted to understand what I valued most.

“That’s easy – connection, collaboration and possibility.”

“Tell me, what do you mean when you say possibility?” [Read more…]

A clear revelation

Forest SunriseI recently posted an article based on a writing prompt I received from my writing coach. Beginning my morning writing with a short prompt allows me a freedom I’ve never had when writing before because I’m relatively unedited and I fall into a free-flow, without judgment.

The prompt was: “How do you know a Fuck Yes? Let me tell you…[Read more…]

An entrepreneurial journey

journeyMy entrepreneurial journey began when I was pregnant with my first child, seventeen years ago. Looking back I now see three phases of that journey, each of them preparing me for the next.

In the first phase I was working with the woman who was me, the mom entrepreneur, the woman who wanted to balance her business dreams with her desire to be a mother.  I loved this woman, had so much to offer to her and got great pleasure out of serving her. But, I quickly learned, that as she sat with her mom entrepreneur hat on, she didn’t spend money. After putting much time, learning, money and effort into a business to support her, I made the hard choice to walk away from that business model and from that woman. [Read more…]

Bullshit fears

FearsAs the new year began I did a map with a friend where instead of focusing on a past choice we explored a future one. Her choice is to share her gifts and do whatever it takes to do that.

My first question was to ask if her there are any fears she has to let go of to make that choice.

Her list was long. [Read more…]

I’m not a writer

writing2It’s an easy default for me to say I’m not a writer, I get to wipe my hands clean and absolve myself of the responsibility to share what’s in my heart and soul with written words. The blank page has caused me dread and panic. How will I fill it with something meaningful? Can I translate the clarity of all the thoughts and ideas in my head into anything that’s valuable for another?

And yet, I’m beginning a new blog where I’m allowing myself the freedom, for the very first time, to write from my heart. I’m excited and a little bit afraid. But most of all I’m resolved that it’s time to admit that… “I am a writer”. [Read more…]